They are Exterminating the Girls!

Little Girl, Tutu, Painting Hearts
Little Girl, Tutu, Painting Hearts

California “Democrats introduced a resolution (proposed bill) to condemn sex-selection abortion–but not to outlaw it.” Because condemning it means nothing other than they don’t approve of it. But they aren’t willing to prevent it from happening by signing a law into effect prohibiting it.

So for now, in California you can still terminate your pregnancy if you didn’t end up with a baby of your preferred gender. How convenient (for you, not the baby!)

Hey liberals! Did you know that:

“the U.N. estimates that upwards of 200 million girls around the world have been aborted merely because they were ‘the wrong gender.'” 

GIRLS! They are exterminating GIRLS just because they are GIRLS! Why isn’t sex-selection abortion termed a War on Women? If anything is a War on Women, this is.

You can read the full story here.

Photo Credit Amanda Tipton