The PC Thought Police Strike Again

Remember the wholesome ’70s when a kid was free to dress up as a cop, an indian (no NOT a Native American; whatever that is.), a soldier, a construction worker, or a cowboy? Well, kiss that innocent childhood fun goodbye because…RACIST!

Yes, thanks to one–yes ONE–hyper-sensitive PC Mom in North Dakota an entire first grade class will not be allowed to perform the hugely popular song “YMCA.” PC Mom thought her daughter’s class performance would make kids “feel like their race was being stereotyped against.” Yeah, that’s what first graders all over the world worry about, isn’t it?

Wait until PC Mom finds out what “YMCA” is really about and by jumping on the racist bandwagon, she actually deprived her little PC Princess the chance to show true tolerance by joyfully belting out a well-known gay anthem. Gotta, love the delicious PC irony.

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Photo credit: Chris Smart


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