The Gays: Eating Their Own for Revenge

Apparently it is no longer enough for gay political groups if a candidate is a lesbian. Said lesbian candidate must also toe the line and be outspoken against all things heterosexual and traditional—especially the hated voter-approved Prop 8.

And if said lesbian candidate also happens to be the younger sister of the leading proponent and political strategist of Prop 8, Frank Schubert…well, all bets are off, Sistah.

Anne Marie Schubert is the leading candidate running for the Deputy District Attorney job in Sacramento county, CA. Frank Schubert’s opponents have long memories and they don’t mind taking down one of their own to get their revenge.

No matter that if Anne Marie Schubert won, she would be “the highest ranking openly gay official in Sacramento county’s history.” No ma’am. No matter that Prop 8 “passed with 52% of the vote to define marriage as the union between a man and a woman.” No, sir. The gays will have their revenge because she did not speak out against Prop 8.

Afterall, to the left, the only thing that matters is The Agenda–always and forever.

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Photo credit: Chad Nicholson


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