The Continued Demise of Print Media

The New York Times, like other dinosaurs of the Print Media Age, is struggling to find its footing in today’s Digital Age.

An internal NYT’s report details the harsh reality happening in newsrooms across the nation. Many are hampered by their own history of continuing the habit of working on a print deadline, catering to Page One stories, and a lack of urgency.

True, the ways of the Digital Age are different from the Print Age, however, I can’t help but wonder if the NYT’s and others are missing the proverbial elephant in the reading room. Specifically, it isn’t simply the methods of media that have changed–it’s the readers as well. For many, many years the media has been controlled BY liberals and produced FOR liberal readers. Times they are a’changing though, and so are the readers.

Today’s readers are looking for more sources of information free of liberal bias. They’re more discerning and jaded from years of being lied to by the liberal media. The rise of digital media outlets–especially conservative ones like The Real Side, The Blaze, and the EIB network–are pushing out the old liberal media sources. The true cause of print media’s demise may indeed be their own liberal bias.

The conservative “elephants in the reading room” are voting with their subscriptions, likes, and shares in Digital Media Age.

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Photo credit Jack Mallon

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