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Terrorists Can Now Practice Law in the U.S.

Yes, how far we’ve come with tolerance. Now illegal aliens can practice law in the United States of America. Both California and Florida have now passed laws to allow illegals to become attorneys. Tell me again how someone who is here illegally (a criminal) can be entrusted to interpret and defend the law?

Lawyers are officers of the court. They have a responsibility to uphold our laws. An illegal has already, by definition, broken the law and therefore cannot uphold it.

But, you say, he was brought here illegally as a toddler by their illegal parents. It wasn’t his fault. He didn’t choose to come here. He went to school here. He went to college to become a lawyer here. We educated him. Why would we deny him employment?

Are you telling me in all those years being here, he never had the opportunity to become a citizen? If he’s in college, he’s over 18. Has he applied for citizenship?

Folks, this is ludicrous. The fact that he may have been brought here through no fault of his own, does not change the fact that he is illegal. And this “child” scenario is only one of the many scenarios that could play out.

Now take the terrorist who is here illegally, either through a border crossing or an overstayed expired visa. So far, he hasn’t been causing any issues. He attends our schools on a student visa and gets his degree. He’s been planted here by a terrorist cell. He’s a sleeper. He just needs to bide his time, get his degree, and begin his practice. He seems like a good citizen with only that one little fault (illegal)… for now. What happens when he’s called to duty by his terrorist cell? And now he’s an officer in OUR courts! It could happen.

This is a line that should never have been crossed. Tolerance is one thing. Stupidity is another. These laws make stupidity look like a genius.

You can read more about it here and here.

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