Catholic Church
Catholic Church

The U.N. says the Catholic church’s stance on abortion is psychological torture… against women!

Interestingly, the United Nation (U.N.) Committee Against Torture doesn’t mind the fact that abortion regularly dismembers and slowly poisons to death tiny humans in the womb. I guess isn’t really torture, even though sonograms have shown the baby to be in severe distress as it dies at the hands of the abortionist doctor (ironically, sworn to protect life). Or maybe the baby just isn’t human until it’s born and the torture of the unborn comes second to the torture of the already born mother?

The committee is telling the Vatican that they need to change their stance on abortion. When the U.N. can tell a religious organization how to write or rewrite their rules, we’re BIG trouble. Yet they don’t seem to take issue with countries indefinitely detaining “prisoners” like Pastor Saeed Abedini for openly speaking about a religion different from the state-sanctioned religion. Who’s setting their priorities?

And is classifying anti-abortion as torture really the most pressing issue this committee has to debate, when there are people being kidnapped, sold into slave marriages, imprisoned for religious beliefs, and beheaded?

Here’s the current membership of U.N. Committee Against Torture in case you’d like to see who’s involved in these deliberations now.

Photo credit via Flickr Richard Johnstone