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Oklahoma Opens the Sharia Can of Worms

A U.S. District judge decided that an Oklahoma law written to keep international and Sharia laws out of Oklahoma state court decisions was unconstitutional. So, let me get this straight… Oklahomans wanted to clarify that the only laws to be used in their court system was U.S. laws, and THAT was unconstitutional? Apparently so.

The US government has forced the state of Oklahoma to overturn its anti-Sharia bill, after a Muslim man named Muneer Awad sued the state for supposed violations against “freedom of religion.”

According to Jordan Sekulow, the bill never infringed on the Islamic religion, but was placed to prevent international codes of law from entering the government:

At its core, the amendment has nothing to do with infringing on a Muslim’s right to practice Islam or religious freedom generally. This amendment is about “judicial authority,” and is not a “demonization” of Islam.

Where it gets sticky is the free practice of Islam. Certain Muslim sects refuse to acknowledge any legal authority outside of the Quran. Which makes their holy book, not only a religious text but also their legal governing text and law book, unlike other religions.

With the overturning of this law, we have opened a whole other can of worms. Will our judges now be deciding cases based on religious law? Time will tell…

Read more about this story here and here.

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Tammy Messina

Tammy Messina

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