Nooooo! Not the BACON!!

The lefty Food Police is at it again and this time they’ve gone too far trying to BAN BACON in our nation’s minor-league ballparks!

The loony anti-meat activists are attacking the delicious candy of the meat world because they say “consuming bacon and other processed meat products can be as deadly as smoking.” Can be? Must be more of that “settled science” the left is so fond of citing.

Strongly worded letters (oh, my!) have been sent to several teams and host cities demanding teams “stop glorifying bacon.” Glorifying? That’s right, activist want a team to change its “pants [that] have long, delicious-looking bacon stripes running down the side” and its bacon-themed slogan “Smell the Change” in favor of a more plant-based theme.

Plant-based!? Yeah, that’ll work:  Go Arugulas, Go!

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Photo credit: Jes


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