Military Cigarette Privileges Denied?

Last week, the House adopted an amendment to protect military service members’ rights to tobacco. That means someone tried to RESTRICT their rights to tobacco, otherwise there would be no need to introduce legislation to PROTECT those rights.

Here we have men and women putting themselves in front of bullets to protect OUR freedoms and someone on Capitol Hill is trying to snag one of THEIR freedoms? Sure, they say it’s about health, costs for long term care, and military preparedness. Is it really? Or is it about control?

If it’s really about the health and well-being of our military, there’s probably a few other things that need to be banned as well. For starters… how about those bullets?

Our military folks are already sacrificing plenty for ridiculously low paying jobs. They deserve the same rights that every other American has. Sheesh…

You can read more about it here.

Photo credit via Basetrack