I’ll Have Chocolate Milk, Please.

Is nothing sacred? The latest lefty attack on childhood is coming against that horrible-no-good-very-bad….chocolate milk. Wait…what?

Connecticut lawmakers have just passed the Chocolate Milk Ban bill 144-0 in the State House and approved it unanimously in the State Senate too. That’s right, supporters of the ban claim sodium levels are too high, so no more delicious chocolaty drinks for you, Connecticut kids. No sir, government knows best after all.

Thank goodness the American Heart Association does not agree with the ban. In fact, they fear kids will choose not to drink milk at all which could impact calcium and other nutritional levels. Even Connecticut’s Democratic–yes, you read that correctly–Governor Daniel P. Malloy does not agree with the ban and looks unlikely to sign the bill once it reaches his desk.

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Photo credit: Tracy Benjamin


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