Did Someone Just Poke the Bear with an EMP?

We didn’t hear it on mainstream news outlets. But in hushed whispers around the internet bloggers and journalists are piecing together what some believe to be enough to suggest that someone set off a little EMP test over the Los Angeles area.

Not a huge EMP. Just a tiny pulse. Enough to disrupt LAX (the local international airport!) causing delays and cancellations across the country.

Was it really an EMP (electromagnetic pulse)? Authorities will not confirm or deny the cause of the air traffic disruption.

Frankly, if it’s a matter of national security, they shouldn’t be releasing details to the media and public until the matter is well in hand. While I don’t trust this administration to handle anything properly, we’re going to have to trust that someone is doing the right thing with this information. The alternative is potentially arming the enemy. That’s not a viable choice.

In the meantime, pray that this is some sort of computer glitch because the alternative is not a good thought… an enemy combatant flying into unauthorized U.S. airspace unannounced and triggering an electrical disruption to a major U.S. international airport… Yep, praying it was a glitch.

You can read the details from various reports here.

Photo credit cclark395

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