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Communism Works, just ask El Paso, Texas!

“We’ve proved communism works.

If you give everyone a good government job, there is no crime.”

Ok, folks. This is a SITTING Congressman from Florida, a state within the most freedom-loving nation in the world, the REPUBLIC of the United States of America, espousing the virtues of communism to his constituency!

Granted, he’s from the southern-most tip of Florida. And just who voted for this man? Maybe the rest of the population is just too busy on island-time in Margaritaville. Or maybe some of that Cuban communism is creeping in across the ocean.

He should take a little trip to Cuba to see how well communism is working for them down there. Or maybe he should just pay attention to the dingies and makeshift vessels filled with Cuban refugees the regularly attempt to make their way across the strait seeking asylum here. That’s at least 90 miles bouncing on the open water for days in a crowded vessel with limited supplies, risking dehydration and exposure.

So the real question is, if everyone gets a government job and there is no crime (because Cuba is a communist nation,) why would anyone want to leave, and with the odds of survival so stacked against them? People who are MISERABLE and have NO HOPE! Wake up Congressman… communism SUCKS!

You can see the Congressman below in his own words and read more here.

Photo credit Roger Wilson

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