500 Days Until the End of Weather…or Something

The French. How would we survive without them?

Yesterday the French Foreign (is there any other kind?) Minister casually warned Secretary of State (of confusion) John Kerry that “only 500 days remained to avoid ‘climate chaos.'” Really?! Climate chaos! Oh, my!

Hopefully, the Secretary of State takes the French prognosticator’s warning seriously. Thank Goodness–and Barack Obama–the “science is settled” on climate change, global warming, and global cooling so we can focus like a dull razor on this new threat of climate chaos!

At least now we won’t have to think about climate disruption any more. In 500 days we will either need heavy-duty umbrellas every single day or special rainbow-viewing sunglasses….designed by the French, of course!

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Photo Credit:  Jonathan Kos-Read

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