Public School, New York, BMGF NYC School visits
Public School, New York, BMGF NYC School visits

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio just reversed his decision to defund a few charter schools.

Initially, he said “charters can hurt the public schools that have to share space with them” and they would “harm the educational possibilities for kids.” Really? How would that work? The charter schools were helping kids excel. And that would hurt the public schools by making them look bad? Or taking kids from their general population? Or???

He went on to call the charter school concept “abhorrent,” and suggested it was “done without real consultation with the parents.” I guess that’s why the charter schools were always full and students gained entry by a lottery. Clearly, there was more interest than seats available! Guess the parents liked the idea, consultation or not!

Of course, the teachers’ unions applauded his efforts to defund the charters.

Since then, however, there’s been such an uproar, he’s now reversed his decision and the charter schools will remain. Parents, just keep making your voice heard. School choice is good for everyone. It ensures that public schools are held accountable. And those that are failing, will either step up, or close down. Either way, it’s good for the kids and our collective futures!

You can read more about Mayor de Blasio’s charter school rollback here.

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