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The fact that the school district appears to have ignored repeated pleas for intervention to protect these teens from the bullies tormenting them, is unfathomable. I say with all sincerity, thank goodness the ACLU got involved to help them out.

Apparently, the suit states that the school failed to protect the students from sexual discrimination based on perceived sexual orientation. Does it really matter what the reason for the bullying is? Shouldn’t harassment of any kind, for any reason, be stopped?

I’m not criticizing the ACLU for using the legal language necessary to achieve action in this matter. They definitely needed to get someone’s attention. And they did.

I do, however, question the ACLU’s prior actions. The article indicates that “the ACLU has lobbied against anti-bullying legislation in the past, arguing the laws infringe upon First Amendment free-speech rights.” Why would they do that?

Bullying is harassment, plain and simple. That isn’t free speech. But defining when free speech crosses the line into bullying can be tricky for certain. Though I’m sure reasonable minds can come up with an acceptable policy. It shouldn’t only protect based on sexual orientation. It should protect all students, for any reason. No one should have to endure torment at the hands of a bully.

You can read the full story here.

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Tammy Messina

Tammy Messina

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