Do you have a teen sporting an “Emo” look or have concerns that they are headed in that direction? It’s not a fad. It’s not a phase. It’s dangerous and should be taken seriously. If you suspect your teen is part of this subculture, do something. Take a look at the linked article here for the warning signs.

Basically, the article describes American Emo as bored, spoiled, depressed teens who live a plain, unexciting life.

I wonder why we didn’t have teens like this in the 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s? Oh yeah, because they all had a JOB!!! They had to work the family farm. Or work a job for someone else to help support the family.

Our kids have gotten soft. As parents, we need to teach them to have purpose and drive. Yes, it can be instilled in them. No, it’s not easy. But whoever told you parenting was easy or would come naturally lied to you.

If you have a teen in the Emo culture, seek help immediately, for both you and the kid. It’s no joke.

Photo Credit via Flickr Don Urban

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Tammy Messina
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