Since when, exactly, did announcing someone is about to become a “Grandma” become a negative thing? The Drudge Report headlined with “Grandma Hillary,” which seemed harmless enough. Even Hillary herself Tweeted out:

“My most exciting title yet: Grandmother-To-Be! @billclinton and I are thrilled that Chelsea and Marc are expecting their first child!”

But judging from the reactions to the Drudge reference, you’d think they made a huge misstep in calling Hillary “grandma.” Venomous attacks about age, appropriateness, and all manner of GOP hypocrisy were launched in the Twitter-sphere. Some even claimed age and sex DISCRIMINATION!! I’d like to say they were kidding… but they weren’t.

So what gives? Was it really an attack on Hillary? Or are “some people” just WAY too sensitive? Personally, I say, congratulations Hillary (and Bill too)! Wearing the title Grandma (or Grandpa) is badge of honor, not an insult. Wear it proudly.

Let me know what you think… insult or just overly-sensitive people?

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