Hallelujah! It's raining money!

Young, financial sector gurus and top executives jumping out of windows and committing suicide? Sadly, there seems to be a rash of this going on. The latest one… 28 year old Bitcoin CEO.


Well, one could speculate, but it seems that they just probably couldn’t handle the reality of things anymore. It’s a sad reality when jumping off a roof, doing yourself in, is a better choice than dealing with the consequences of your actions. I feel for the families left behind. There are always family members… and it’s so hard for them. Suicide is such a selfish, desperate act.

And then… there is still the possibility of foul play… or substance abuse… or other mysterious circumstances. The jury is still out, for now, as investigations continue.

One thing is for certain… being a rising young executive in the financial industry seems to be mortally dangerous.

You can read more about it here.

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