A conservative rooster?

cpac 2014

HOLD YOUR thoughts! This is my third year at CPAC. This year when I made the announcement that I was going I received many emails asking me to find “Rooster”. I met him at my first CPAC. My first thought was “what is he doing here?” My second thought was “Go ask him!” So I did.

I was surprised a punk-like looking guy like him was well-spoken, had many of the same values I had… just a little more colorful. SHAME ON ME! SHAME ON YOU!

Some of you had the same thoughts I did, and many at CPAC over the years had the same thoughts. I have heard people talking about “the guy with the mohawk, what is he doing here?”

After speaking with him several times, he reminds me that we need to speak with people. We need to find out what they believe and think before we judge. And those of you who would judge a conservative group before really getting to know them… SHAME ON YOU as well.

Walking around at CPAC listening to conversations and seeing the groups, “cliques,” you find people from all walks of life: black, white, Mexican, Asian, Italian, Christian, Jew, atheist, gay, lesbian, straight, and more.

Make fun if you wish (as I know some of you will), but it takes all kinds to move your message forward.

More to come…


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