Rolling Stones writer, Jesse A. Myerson, says millennials should be fighting for 5 basic things (economic reforms). Here are just a few short excerpts.

He wants “Universal basic income, in which the government would just add a sum sufficient for subsistence to everyone’s bank account every month”

Where does he think the money comes from?

Landlords are bad? Yes. “They just claim ownership of buildings and charge people who actually work for a living.”

Hmmmm… they “just claim ownership” of property? Last I checked, you had to actually PAY for property. Where does he think they got the money to “claim ownership” of the property? Hellloooo… they WORKED for it! Go ahead and TRY to claim ownership of property you didn’t pay for. See what happens.

“A universal basic income, combined with a job guarantee and other social programs, could make participation in the labor force truly voluntary, thereby enabling people to get a life.”

Do you really want the government guaranteeing jobs for anyone? You won’t have to go to school for specialized training anymore. And you won’t have to worry about anyone attempting to excel at anything anymore. But wait, not everyone WANTS to work.

Ok, now we get down to it. No one should HAVE to work for anything. The government should own everything and distribute it evenly, and money should just be provided so that you can just have fun in life. Sounds like a plan… but it’s not reality.

If this guy is typical of our up-and-coming generation, we’re in big trouble! You can kiss that personal responsibility and liberty goodbye!

You can read the gory details of his full plan and call to action here.

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