It’s illegal for an immigrant to live in this country without a visa, which means, they are not legally allowed to work in our country. They don’t have a Social Security number or a way to pay taxes.

So why, exactly, did the California Supreme Court grant an illegal immigrant the right to practice law?

Forget the fact that lawyers are sworn to uphold the law…

Yes, he was brought here underage by a parent. And, yes, he attended our schools and has graduated without getting into any trouble.

He even applied for citizenship… 20 YEARS AGO!!! Supposedly, that’s still pending.

There are so many things wrong with this scenario it’s hard to know where to start.

Why would it take our immigration department more than 20 years to process someone’s paperwork? Did he try hard to followup? Was the slowdown because he was here illegally and they were busy processing people attempting to immigrate legally?

And then there’s our court system… WHAT were they thinking??

And now, this illegal alien is going to hang his shingle and open his own business, in our country, where he has no legal right to live… but he’s been granted the right to practice law (WORK) here by the state legal system, even though the Federal government says he can’t work here (NO VISA). Anyone else confused?

Can’t wait to see how this legal precedence plays out… what a mess!

You can read more about it here. Let me know if you figure it out.

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