Youth Indoctrination or Neo-Nazi Parent?

Do you feel like your child’s teacher is being biased with a political lesson? Be prepared for name calling, cyber-stalking, and other forms of intimidation if you have the gall to question it.

One parent challenged the teacher’s lesson as being “non objective” and “pre-loaded with incorrect premises.” The principal responded, “I take great offense to what you said.” Oh boy!

The parent felt like the questions should have been neutral but were leading.

The teacher said the lesson is about “non-fiction reading skills”, not politics.

Take a look at the questions and let me know if you think they are about “non-fiction reading skills.” Was the parent right on or did he overreact?

Article used in the assignment from the New York Times.

Assignment questions (and photo credit) posted by the parent on Scribd.

Read more about the story here and here.


Via The Real Side Radio Show with Joe Messina 11/6/13


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