Can You Raise a Hero in this Wimpy Culture?

I’ve said it before, are we raising a generation of wimps?

Recently one mom took to her blog and ranted on about that same issue. It started because her son wanted to bring a toy to show-and-tell. It was his favorite toy, an action figure, holding what appears to be a large drill. But he had second thoughts and chose something else for fear that the school would deem his toy looked too much like a gun or weapon. He didn’t want any trouble.

The boy is 4-years-old! Does a 4-year-old really need to worry about things like this? It’s a TOY, for crying out loud! Can’t we just let kids be kids?

Boys will be boys. They like to play good guys vs. bad guys and try to “fix things” with their pretend tools. Most of these toys probably do resemble a weapon, but that doesn’t make them dangerous. These are all good exercises to stimulate their imaginations and creativity.

Teaching the kids to be respect authority is a good thing. Teaching kids to hide something because it’s shaped similarly to a weapon and to only play with it when no one is around does not send a good message. How do we build heroes with this kind of mindset?

And speaking of creating a wimpy culture, take a look at this mom’s blog post and let me know what you think. I think she’s right on the money! No apology needed.

Read the mom’s blog post here on

And coverage of the ensuing story here.

Photo credit ABC News & Stephanie Metz

via The Real Side Radio Show with Joe Messina 11/18/13


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