Teacher Fired for Violating Catholic Morals Code

A teacher at a Catholic school in Arkansas was fired for violating the morals code of her employment contract when she married her lesbian partner.

Discrimination? Nope, it’s not discrimination in a religious institution, it’s what they believe, teach, and live by.

The school was up front about their requirements. The morals code requires that staff abide by the Catholic church’s lifestyle teachings. Period.

Teacher, Tippi McCullough, signed a contract saying she would abide by their moral code. Now she’s calling for the school to adopt nondiscriminatory employment practices and is asking for an apology.

An apology? For following the teachings of their foundational belief system? For upholding the contract that she broke?

The school graciously offered her a “glowing recommendation” and gave her the opportunity to resign. It appears that she did not go willingly and instead made the choice to be fired.

She voluntarily signed that legally binding document agreeing to live by Catholic moral teachings. Did she lie? She gave her word with that signature, does her word not mean anything?

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Via The Real Side with Joe Messina 10/25/13


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