Religious Freedoms Squelched for Our Military

The Air Force Academy is contemplating taking “so help me God” out of their honor oath in response to a recent complaint from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF).

Anti-religion organizations are going after groups one-by-one, first Boy Scouts, now academies, what about city and town councils?

There’s been ruling after ruling on this. As long as the prayer is before a meeting is called to order, it isn’t an officially government “sanctioned” prayer. So it’s perfectly legal.

Consider this. If a town is 85% Muslim, shouldn’t they be allowed to open up in with a Muslim prayer? We are a representative government. Wouldn’t that represent most of the constituency?

The same goes for a primarily Jewish or Christian or atheist town. They are allowed to open in prayer (or no prayer) consistent with their town’s demographics. That’s what representative governments are supposed to do. Represent the people who elected them.

This country was founded on religious freedom. The founders didn’t want ANYBODY to be persecuted, like they were, for what they believed. Being able to speak openly about our religion and live out our religious beliefs is one of the great things about this county. How it’s been turned into such a nasty thing is unfortunate.

What is so wrong with believing in something and talking openly about it? When you go to a great movie or restaurant, don’t you walk away wanting to tell everyone about how wonderful it is? It’s no different with religion. When you’re sold out to what you believe because it’s made such a positive change in your life, you just want to tell people about it.

You should not be afraid to talk about the things that you believe in for fear of persecution. Now, our military men and women are being squelched. Their freedoms are being infringed up. The people who are fighting for and giving their lives to ensure OUR freedoms, are LOSING theirs! That shouldn’t be so.

This is ALL of our faults because we are the ones who are electing the wrong people into office who are making changes like these. Unless we start getting the right people in office, it isn’t going to get any better. Time to get up off the couch and go do something about it.

You can read more about this story here at the Air Force Times.


via The Real Side with Joe Messina 10/25/13

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