Jailed for Squirting Her Boyfriend w/ Water Gun

Hey ladies, you don’t need a real gun to land you in jail for shooting your boyfriend. A water gun will land you in jail too!

I wish I were kidding, but I’m not. A Florida woman was jailed “for squirting water on (her boyfriend) to antagonize and agitate him against his wishes.”

A water gun?! Seriously. Wouldn’t you love to know what the judge is going to say about this one?

So now, if you get irritated or agitated with someone you can have them arrested, regardless of whether or not there’s any real trauma? That’ll be convenient.

And as one chatroom guest said, “There is not enough room in all the prisons in the world...” That’s for sure! You think we have an overcrowding problem now, just wait until word about this one gets out!

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Photo credit Flickr Rowens27 Photostream.


Via The Real Side with Joe Messina 10/25/13


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