Do Students Have Free Speech or Not?

The students were told to write about something that made them angry.

He did that.

He wrote about the football team, the losing season, the coach, and another student (without using any names).

Now he’s suspended for 4 days and off the team for the rest of the season.

Do we have free speech or don’t we? And does it extend to minors?

It was a writing assignment for his composition class. The teacher asked him to read it out loud, otherwise, no one other than the teacher would have seen it. There were no threats. No mention of violence or retaliation. Just sincere expression of frustration.

The school said his poem was “harassment” and “hazing” against the coach and another student (who happened to be the coach’s son).

The superintendent has since overturned the suspension and removal from the team.

Take a look at the text of the poem and let me know what you think. Harassment or not?

For more details on the story, click here.

To read the poem, click here.


Photo credit Flickr Rebecca Barray


Via The Real Side Radio Show with Joe Messina 10/28/13



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