Redding, CA Has Free Speech Issues

When the ACLU and the Tea Party folks come together to fight the same cause, you know it’s got to be something serious!!

Don’t try to hand out the US Constitution, or any other pamphlet, in Redding, CA or you’ll be in for a lawsuit to protect your civil rights to free speech! I’m not joking…

In the city of Redding in northern California, the good folks at City Hall got tired of all the “riff raff” (TEA Party People!) handing out leaflets and accosting patrons at the local library (the “cultural cornerstone” in town) and implemented some serious restrictions to reduce that problem.

The lawsuits state that the City is violating the US Constitution and it’s citizens’ right to free speech and assembly in a publicly owned space.

The real kicker is that the judge struck down the law as unconstitutional, so the City filed an appeal!!! Do they really have extra money to spend to take this fight to the next level to erode their citizens’ rights? Aren’t they supposed to UPHOLD the Constitution and REPRESENT their constituency?

Do me,,, NO! Do the American thing and this country a favor and give the nice folks on the Redding City Council a call and ask them to stop this nonsense. Hopefully they haven’t put restrictions on phone usage yet… 530-225-4055

Additional info links below:;_aclu,_tea_party_share_victory.shtml




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