Protecting our kids from Pro-Lifers!

It is now illegal to disrupt students as they enter or leave school under AB123.

Assemblyman Tony Mendoza, D-Artesia, sought the bill after an appeals court ruled that an anti-abortion group could display large photographs of aborted fetuses during a 2003 demonstration outside a California middle school…

Is this not a perfect example of the Sacramento Legislators doing what they want and not caring about OUR rights?

So, freedom of speech only applies if I want to hand out, gay, lesbian, transgender brochures or Planned Parenthood brochures?

BUT – GOD forbid, (there is that dangerous word again!) that a group wants to display FACTUAL PICTURES of the aftermath of an abortion to exercise their freedom of speech. And after a court fight with a Leftist-Progressive group that challenged their right to “freedom of speech” and LOST… YUP, they lost, they acted like spoiled little brats. They went back and introduced a bill that became law STOPPING their right to freedom of speech.

California legilsators… yup, they’ve really got it together! 



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