The Pledge of Allegiance is Divisive?

This comes from the people that say it’s OK to ride your bikes naked in the streets (I want to be there and watch at 20 below zero!)
The vote was 5-0 in favor of NOT requiring it. HOWEVER they compromised. (Thank God our founding fathers didn’t compromise).

One council person said… The City Council has plenty of other issues to deal with that are far more pressing than trying to decide whether to recite the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of its meetings.

I beg to DIFFER, BIG TIME! Who are you up there for? Who do you represent? One council member said she is a “citizen of the world”. Really?  Then who is responsible for her safety when she travels abroad? The United States Military? NO! It would have to be the United Nations forces, maybe? She is a citizen of the WORLD…  How ridiculous is this? Many people in this country are starting to have this thought process. REALLY. Did our founding fathers start this country to give it up to the WORLD?? They wanted us to be EXAMPLES to the world. This COUNTRY, even with all its issues, is still the greatest country in the WORLD. We have freedoms here people are dying for on other parts of this globe.

I wonder what laws that women who is a “Citizen of the World” wants to follow? Iranian? Chinese? And when she goes to an International airport, what passport does she carry? Where exactly does one apply for a “Citizen of the World” passport?

BUT, what it boiled down to was “Under God”. They had a problem with that phrase. The one that was added in 1954 and voted on by CONGRESS, you know, those guys that make our laws for THIS country.

One council member said “reciting the pledge is like reading the communist manifesto”…. let that sink in.
These people got what they ELECTED… an idiot representing them.

Do Americans not realize the reason they have a right to do these idiotic things is because of the American Constitution and the laws of THIS country. The reason they sometimes get away with a little more in other countries is because of the strength of this country. Look at what is happening on a daily basis when it comes to HUMAN persecution in other countries, again China, Iran, among others.

People wake up… Stand up or lose your freedom….

If you do nothing, you deserve whatever comes down on you…



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