Metro BABY sexuals take on a whole new meaning!

People we have come into a whole new era of stupidity and political correctness (I think they are one in the same).
They say they don’t want to limit “IT’s” options! Like what? Peeing standing up or sitting down? COME ON PEOPLE!

What’s next, they won’t name anything: grass, floor, ceiling, milk, banana because they don’t want to limit “IT’s” choices?
When they want the baby to clap its ???? I would call them hands. What’s the baby going to call them?

The parents said that a PERSON should not be defined by what “IT” has between its legs…

YES IT SHOULD, male or female, doesn’t matter what it wants to be or thinks it is!

It can act as a male if it’s a female or the other way, BUT at the doctor or hospital it will be described as a “white male, age 2 or whatever” so the doctors know how to treat and diagnose “IT”.

Like I keep saying, we as a people have lost our sense of direction.

Read more on this, if you can stand it, at CLICK HERE

A California Elementary school is teaching that you are what you feel!
Male, female, and so on..


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