10 ways to know if your in an abusive relationship?

Did we really need to spend the money on this. The money needs to be spend on this early. Instead of teaching Sex Education in the 6th grade why don’t we teach both boys and girls about how to treat each other?

According to the Huffington Post here are a few signs…

Watch out if your guy:

  1. Is so crazy about you he wants to settle in as soon as you meet.
  2. Is really, weirdly jealous. (He should be uncomfortable if you go away for the weekend with your ex-boyfriend, but if he accuses you of flirting with every guy you encounter — the waiter, the cashier, a gay buddy — it’s a red flag.)
  3. Texts so much, it sometimes creeps you out.
  4. Doesn’t think your friends and family value you enough, or even at all.
  5. Also watch out if:

  6. You are always tired because he keeps you up at night.
  7. You’re always explaining to people “I can’t go.”
  8. Your anxiety soars if you’re just a few minutes late — you know how upset he’ll be.
  9. Things are always your fault.
  10. You get a lot of apology emails or make-up gifts from him.
  11. You find you don’t do anything without him, or without him approving of it.

Run if:

  • !! You find out he had a violent relationship with a former girlfriend.
  • !! He stalks you — at work, online, with GPS in your car.
  • !! He beats up a teammate or has a punch-out in a bar.
  • !! He’s ever been cruel to animals.
  • !!! He is ever physically violent to you.

And if you’re worried about a friend? She might be in trouble if:

  1. She starts saying she can’t come to things you invite her to (because she has to be with her boyfriend).
  2. When you’re with her, she’s always on-edge about returning his messages immediately or being late to meet him.
  3. She has bruises or scratches she can’t explain or tells you they were caused by an accident.
  4. She stops doing things she loved before meeting the guy — hobbies, shopping, school, even working.
  5. You just feel like you’re losing her.

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