Equal rights for La Raza – ARE YOU KIDDING!

They went into the board meeting and refused to speak at the public portion , LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, equal rights!, My REAR END….!
Then one of the groups leaders in an article stated that they were being treated like the Jews in Germany… REALLY! explain. This proves your ignorance! Where are the millions of gassed illegals in concentration camps, where are the tens of thousand illegals that are experimented upon. What wealth did we take from them? GET EDUCATED! I am PEEVED! They gunk up the system, cost many of BILLIONS of dollars to us tax payers and still kick us in the teeth by not learning our language respecting our flag or our people.

I have had it.. REALLY!

Check out this YouTube link and see what they did in an Arizona school board room.

 Check out the Arizona Advocacy Network’s founders statement
The Arizona Advocacy Network Board and staff honors founding board member Diane Bacon. Diane had a deep sense of justice and was committed to building bridges across the spectrum of the justice movement so that every person, no matter the circumstances into which they were born, could have a safe place to live, health care, a good education, fair working conditions, and a living wage. We will always miss her spunk, her spirit, her wonderful sense of humor and her tireless dedication to the causes about which we all care

Does this mean no matter where born or how they came here?
Check out their site.

Then there is the Somos America site.
making all kinds of accusations against Americans
and how they treat the Non-Citizen Latinos..

go to Somos America!


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