December Party Show

Join Scott Wilk(R) and Brad Parker as we discuss the future of California in control of the Democrat’s.
Scott is a member of the 38th Republican Central Committee. a deligate with the California Republican Party and a founding member of the SCV California Republican Assembly and a member of the SCV California Congress of Republicans.

Brad is a prolific political writer and speaker as well an award-winning artist, songwriter, producer and musician. Parker is very involved with Democratic Party political organizations including: President – Valley Democrats United,  Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles, California Democratic Party – Delegate Central Committee from the 42nd Assembly District. Now, he has turned his advocacy to economics with a new website – – co-written with Mark Pash. Brad has recorded, toured and produced hits in North America, Europe and Asia. Parker owns Indie label Riozen records and is a co-founder of “”. His website is:

The OREGON bomber. 2 attorneys will debate whether he was framed or caught.

Charlie Manson is reaching out and touching someone. Is it you ?




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