The art of Deflection!

A bunch of “whoey”.  Meg Whitman fired alLaw breaking individual who happened to be of Mexican decent.

Gloria Allred stated that her Client is not an illegal alien because she doesn’t come from another planet.
Obviously Gloria was talking about the maid not herself.

Gloria never addressed the fact that the woman STOLE a Social Security number.
That she had 9 years to admit her problem. That if arrested for any reason while she had Meg’s children in the car that it would be an ugly mess.  All the blame went to the rich white woman, I mean Meg!
Gloria has a few buck as well.

Mr. Brown said that Whitman should have checked her out better.
So should we now check the clerk at the store? The delivery man? UPS or FED?
Can you see how crazy this can get??

I am NOT for illegal immigration. I am for LEGAL immigration.

People should follow the process. The process needs to be fixed and updated.

To Meg’s situation… she followed the law. She spoke with her attorney and decided they really could not do anything for the maid and then Let Her Go. They didn’t take her to the local ICE office as they could have. They simply let her go.

Total disclosure not spin.


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