Quick Ballot Prop Checklist

This is how I’m voting on the ballot initiatives… explanations are in this previous blog link:

November 2010 Statewide Initiatives

!PULLED!   Proposition 18–California Water Bond Proposition 
Vote = NO   Proposition 19–Marijuana Legalization Initiative
Vote = YES Proposition 20–Congressional Redistricting Initiative
Vote = NO   Proposition 21–Funding for State Parks Initiative
Vote = YES Proposition 22–Local Taxpayer, Public Safety and Transportation Protection Act of 2010
Vote = YES Proposition 23–California Jobs Initiative: Suspension of AB 32
Vote = NO   Proposition 24–Repeal Corporate Tax Loopholes Act
Vote = NO   Proposition 25–Passing the Budget On Time Act
Vote = YES Proposition 26–Stop Hidden Taxes Initiative
Vote = NO   Proposition 27–Financial Accountability in Redistricting Act


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