Judging the Judges

My choices were made on the judges that followed the guidelines of the law in a more Constitutional “Spirit of the Law” type of attitude…

Judges for Superior Court
Randy Hammock for Office #28
Alan Schneider for Office #117
Amy Hogue for Office #136

Court of Appeals 
Robert Mallano                     Yes for Presiding Justice
Victoria Chaney                    Yes for Division One
Jeffrey Johnson                    NO for Division One
Judith Ashmann                   NO for Division Two
Walter Croskey                    NO for Division Three
Steven Suzukawa                 Yes for Division Four
Orville “Jack” Armstrong        Yes for Division Five
Paul Coffee                          Yes for Division Six
Steven Perren                      NO for Division Six
Laurie Zelon                         NO for Division Seven
Frank Jackson                     Yes to Division Seven
Tricia Bigelow                      Yes for Division Eight
Elizabeth Grimes                 Yes for Division Eight

Supreme Court
Tani Cantil-Sakauye           YES
Ming Chin                            YES
Carlos Moreno                    NO

These are the Judges I will be voting on.



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