We don’t want success!?!

The Washington, DC School system was a dismal failure about 4 years ago…
In DC the Mayor appoints the Chancellor, our equivalent to the school superintendent.

Chancellor Michelle Rhee took the district from one of the WORST school districts in the nation to one of the best. BUT she committed the ultimate sin. She fired 250 teachers over 2+ years. Grades went up, attendance went up, teachers were doing better, schools were safer. The current mayor took the heat but figured she was doing a great job. The results were proof. The newly elected UNION mayor has been screaming about the sins she committed.

Since DC Mayor Adrian Fenty lost his bid for the nomination in the Democratic primary this week, his highly controversial schools Chancellor, Michelle Rhee, is likely to be on the job market in a few months when Vincent Gray, Fenty’s certain successor, takes office.
Does this make sense to anyone?
Anyone? Anyone?

DC School Chancellor called a failure!

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