The Party WRAP UP

Both Americans BUT both coming at it from a very different angle.

Carole feels that the majority of the issues are with BIG CORPORATIONS and that it’s mostly the fault of the Republicans.
Scott feels that the Democrats were “in bed” with the big corporations and that the district precinct lines have been so gerrymandered that it’s created polar extremes in Sacramento that make it difficult to arrive at consensus.

One Listener Kevin Korenthal, took issue with Carole’s comment that Corporations outgive Unions 20 to 1.
The Washington Post has a different statistic…

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As I promised, posted below are the sites that Scott Wilk and Carole Lutness use to get some of their information.

Scott Wilk:

Legislative Analyst Office (LAO)

Carole Lutness:


Open Secrets gives information about campaign contributions and voting records
Project Vote Smart (LWV) gives voting record, grade by various interest groups, candidate’s positions on various issue and a lot more.
California Secretary of State site is invaluable to “follow the money”, voting results and lots of other good information
The California Budget Report is an independent analysis of State budget issues to improve the lives of low and middle income Californians



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