Dual Host wrap up

That’s right. Network news is down to the mid-teens when it comes to the percentage of the viewing public watch their broadcasts.
47% of people get their news from Cable TV. Yes, Cable. The rest are getting it online. A large amount of viewers are young people who tend to get their news as stated above. The interesting stat is that older people stick with the network news. Maybe that’s why the number is dwindling… because we are. Or maybe it’s just bad news and young folks get it.

The HIJAB Disney mess up… I am on the side of the employer. Imagine that. The employee signed an agreement and understood what the rules were. This same stunt was tried back in 2004 with another “cast member”. They lost. I agree.

Is Obama a Muslim? Most people don’t care. They just want honesty. If you are a Christian, Muslim, Jew or atheist, ACT LIKE ONE. Don’t expect us to buy it because you want us to believe you are.

The American people just want the truth….

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