Is all fair in Church and Mosque?

UPDATE … August 18th

The Church has given up!
after many attempts to get the port authority to re-engage! nothing, no noise, nothing.

I think they should tell them they want to build next door to the Mosque, Your thoughts ?

Check out the update on Fox.


ORIGINAL STORY: According to many sources, St. Nichols Church was destroyed on 9/11 by the crushing weight of the concrete and metal. It was destroyed in the ATTACK. They have been trying to rebuild for years. Until recently, the Port Authority had been working with the church to make sure they kept the “Gold Dome” below the height of the yet-to-be-built Ground Zero Memorial. No one seems to know why talk just stopped and church officials are unable to get any help in moving forward with plans to rebuild.

It is coming up on the ten year anniversary of 9/11 and this church is still struggling with red tape to get past the planning stage with authorities…this is nuts!

So let me get this straight, we are going to rush a Mosque right through but make sure the Church has to wait. Where’s the equal treatment?


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