Freedom… Really?

Will flogging be brought back?

Are our freedoms in danger of being taken away? Really?

With some of the ways the current administration is doing business we are being forced to do things that just don’t make sense?

What was the intent of our founding fathers?

Freedom of Speech.

What was the intent of our founding fathers?
Why can’t I use foul language on TV? It is freedom of speech, right?
Should high school students be allowed to write illegal immigration or pro-Prop 8 articles for a school newspaper?
Does the first amendment really cover campaign contributions?
Do “Hate Crime Laws” conflict with the first amendment?
If I speak out against a religious group in a way that may violate the hate crimes laws, does it not also go against my freedom of speech.
Freedom of Religion.
Freedom FROM or OF?
Who decides what’s considered religious?
When it has a hint of Judeo/Christian tradition is it religious?
If it has Islamic or Buddhist traditions is its not?
Did religion play a part in the founding of our nation?
Is Prop 8 PURE freedom or religious?

Marriage is a religious ceremony with traditions that are rooted in the Bible LONG before there were states. How does that weigh in?


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