Dual Host Monday 8/30

Polls show (not Joe’s polls) that more American feel Obama is more a Muslim than a Christian. Are actions speaking loader than words?

Why does it matter? Is it a trust issue ?

Does mainstream media still report facts or opinion, and who’s opinion?

Does it matter? Can’t Americans read, listen and figure it out?

Less than half of Americans polled said they get their news from the paper.

24% say they go online. An even smaller amount get it from the radio.

HOWEVER… People are turning to CABLE news as opposed to NETWORK or BROADCAST news at a much larger number and it is increasing in large numbers every year. NBC, ABC and CBS news were all in the low 20% area in 2000. They are now in the mid to low teens.

Almost 40% of adults say they watch cable news with CNN, Fox and MNBC getting the lion’s share.

The audiences tend to be younger, more republican and more “eco” friendly, NO PAPER!

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