I felt the wrath of the so called “White Anglo Saxon American”. I was told I should not be dating their women and that I was a “Grease Ball”, “WOP” let’s not forget “Dumb Dago” …

The names weren’t the big deal. It was not understanding that what they were saying about me I couldn’t change!

So, does racism exist today? NO really! Like it’s always pushed out at us. If I think someone should get paid less money and he or she happens to be black or Hispanic, why is that RACISM!?

How about, I just think he or she isn’t worth more money!

Why is there ALWAYS a perceived ulterior motive?
Now, we start off thinking the worst instead of the best.
This makes no sense and we will not be able to move forward this way.

So, we are going to take a look at racism… REAL racism… from the people that are hit the hardest with it…

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