Family Values – Final thoughts

To start with, I received many emails in response to the original email information blast calling me a biggot and closed-minded. I would suggest the closed-minded are the ones that sent me the emails!

If you listened to the show, I was looking for input. I was HONESTLY looking for both sides of the issue. If you speak with Donald Goodman the counselor I had on, (who was PRO – same-sex marriage and the raising of children in those types of relationships) he would agree it was a VERY level and fair conversation.

My point that divorces are on the rise, that children from single parent households tend to have more issues is a true statement!

Now, the so-called experts say there will be no ill effect from same sex family units. There has been no long term studies to prove that position. Therefore the blanket statement cannot be made with certainty.

BOTH experts agreed that kids need a 2-parent loving environment to thrive in and have a better chance of surviving life’s issues when they have a 2-parent loving environment

BOTH agreed that the best environment for a child to grow up in is…
The 2 biological parents being in the house on one accord and in solidarity in the raising of the children.

Take it up with them!


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