6 Yr-Old on Government No Fly List!

 A 6-year old little girl is on the no fly list.

A 6-year old little girl is on the no fly list.  Look at her picture. She sure looks “scary” (NOT).  I don’t know if this is the kind of ridiculous stuff you want for your show, but it sure hacks me off that we can’t find the 10 guys that went AWOL from IRAQ, but we have time to put this girl on the no fly list.
BTW they ARE still letting her fly but they didn’t remove her name.  I think it’s outrageous for 2 reasons.
#1 How can ANYONE be allowed to fly if they are on the no-fly list?
#2 Why don’t they take her off the list?
Here’s a quote from her dad: “She may have threatened her sister, but I don’t think that constitutes Homeland Security triggers,” said Dr. Thomas.    (Submitted by Alice)   Read More!


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