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University gives women handicap to take STEM classes! Are they saying women can't do it on their own? AND... Sharron Angle joins Joe to talk about her run for Congress to #DrainTheSwamp. She says, judging from the way the Left treated me during the campaign, I don't think they really LIKE women, they exploit us...

School shooting in Santa Fe, Texas today was disgusting. Libs call for more gun control, because apparently we are done with personal responsibility in this country. AND... Xander Gibb, says if we can blame Trump for the shooting victims because he takes money from NRA, then anyone who takes money from Planned Parenthood is responsible...

David Fischer, CEO of Landmark Capital says, Our debt is growing and the world is backing away from holding our debt. It's a double-whammy!
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Mueller’s REAL witch hunt!

Judicial Watch Lead Investigator: ‘It’s Time For Trump’s Team to Fight Like Hell Because Mueller’s Witch Hunt is a Slow-Motion Political Coup’

Why are Ex-Gay men hated as much as White men?

Christian mom defends ex-gays, explains why LGBT movement despises them
Trump, Pence, Memorial Day at Arlington National Cemetery 2017

Denying Trump’s Accomplishments is just irrational!

LIMBAUGH: Denying Trump's Accomplishments Is Increasingly Irrational

Open relationships should be the norm?

Catholic University’s LGBT Center hosts event on polyamory

Higher Taxes DO kill business!

Seattle approves ‘head tax’ on large businesses despite Amazon’s opposition

Dem’s divert scholarship money AGAIN!

White House Correspondents’ Association Exposed: Regularly Spends About 85% of WHCD Revenue on Annual Party, Not Scholarships

University or Trade Jobs!

High-Paying Trade Jobs Sit Empty, While High School Grads Line Up For University

Obama Administration FULL of CORRUPTION!

ACLJ Unearths Evidence Obama State Department Misled Congress on the Use of Taxpayer Funding to “Influence the Current Israeli Election”

The Golden State leads the country in Poverty and Homelessness!

California has the 5th largest economy in the world yet leads the nation in poverty and homelessness

Were founding fathers really not interested in Christ?

A Few Declarations of Founding Fathers and Early Statesmen on Jesus, Christianity, and the Bible

Michael Moore compares Marx to Christ! REALLY?

Moviemaker Michael Moore wishes Karl Marx a happy 200th birthday

Sarah Sanders has a secret – Now revealed!

Sarah Sanders Reveals Special Object She Keeps on Desk for Every Briefing

Masculinity is a ‘Mental Health’ Issue ?

University of Texas to Treat Masculinity as a 'Mental Health' Issue

Join Republican Club? YOU RACIST!

College Republicans email list used to 'identify the racists'

Catholic college students want the school to back off their beliefs! REALLY?

Students demand ‘space for healing’ over drag show photo

MORE Love Trump Hate! Liberal assault Conservatives!

Conservative student assaulted during ‘change my mind’ event

MORE Cultural Appropriation CRAP!

Student senators at the University of Washington-Seattle recently introduced a bill that would require fraternities to prevent “cultural appropriation” during social gatherings. If passed, the...

Should parents be allowed choose classes for their Children?

California Bans Parents From Pulling Kids From ‘Obscene’ LGBT Sex Ed Classes


Did Mueller step over the line going after Trumps lawyer!

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