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Doug’s Rant – Did Trump Blow his legacy?

President Trump messed up big time and there no way else to spin it. Sadly, his accomplishments are being washed away in a sea of negativity by his carless and miscalculated words
Todd Starnes

Big Tech Silences Conservative Voices

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook / Twitter Blocked by Idaho Internet Provider

An internet service provider (ISP) in the North Idaho and the Spokane, Washington, area has decided to block Facebook and Twitter for its customers after some called in to complain about censorship on the platforms.

THOUSANDS of homeless registered to vote!

BREAKING: Project Veritas: Central OAC Exec Admits Org Registers Thousands of Homeless to Vote at Same Address in Fulton County (VIDEO)

The LEFT only knows violence to resolve differences!

VIOLENT LEFTIST MOB Swarms and Attacks Senator Hawley’s DC Home — Pounding on Door, Screaming Threats — Terrorizing His Wife and Newborn Baby

Doug’s Rant – What happened Bill?

Doug's Rant - What happened Bill?

Gender Neutral Scouts?

All-girl Boy Scout troop starts in Ohio

US Teacher of the Year calls for violence

Reigning U.S. ‘Teacher of the Year’ Urges ‘Heroes’ to Commit Terror Attacks Against Republican Lawmakers

Abortions at 16 with no parental consent required!

Massachusetts lowers age for abortions without parental consent

No longer “Pregnant woman” now “Birthing Person”! WHY?

Harvard calls women ‘birthing people’ because ‘not all who give birth’ are women

Obama out Trump in as the most admired man!

Trump ends Obama's 12-year run as most admired man: Gallup

Virginia wants to forcefully take your guns!

Virginia Governor’s Call for $4.8 Million and 18-man Force to Grab Guns Sparks Opposition

Happy New Year 2021? MAYBE!

Happy New Year 2021? MAYBE!

Seasonal Flu is GONE! no longer an issue!

Mysterious Disappearance Of Flu In San Diego Prompted Call For Audit Of COVID Records

Democrats complaining about Republican Challenge to electoral votes – Dementia big time!

Democrats complaining about Republican Challenge to electoral votes - Dementia big time!
Pelosi Crazy

Video proof Pelosi is out of touch with the average American

Pelosi Acts Like a Complete Lunatic During CNN Interview

Why do Democrats lie soooooo much?

Why do Democrats lie soooooo much

Doug’s Rant – Delusion becoming the norm?

Eventually the smothering edicts of the ‘BLUE POWERS THAT BE’ caused our newspaper to go out of business

LA soon to burn!

On MSNBC, George Gascon Claims Crime Victims Protesting His Policies Are Being Used by Police Unions

Students forced to Anti-White Racism

School Wouldn’t Let Her Son Opt Out Of Class That Promotes Anti-White Racism. Now She’s Suing.

Georgia Election officials wont let WH Chief of Staff check out audits!

Georgia Election officials wont let WH Chief of Staff check out audits

Covid Veto / Pardons – Why or Why Not!

Joe on Newsmax to discuss The presidents pardons and Why or why not he should Veto the covid bill. 

Why Merry Christmas, NOT Happy Holidays!

BUT you can’t have CHRISTmas without CHRIST!

CNN – “Merry Christmas” not inclusive enough!

Todd Starnes: CNN is a race-baiting, anti-Trump network

Christmas decorations BAD?

North Carolina Homeowner Faces Controversy Over Christmas Decorations

Doug’s Rant – What’s Next?

Doug's Rant - What's Next?

Baby Jesus GOT TO GO!

ACLU Declares War on Baby Jesus, Demands Removal of Nativity


COVID-19 Cases are Down 59% In South Dakota. So Why are Democrats Freaking Out?

NO vote for Biden gets you fired!

PA teacher fired after saying she’d rather vote for a potato than Biden now suing school district


Should marshal law be evoked

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Ret General Paul Vallely joins Joe to discuss what can be expected over the next few days! As any good communist nation censorship is running at 2000 miles and hour in the last 24Hrs.

How does China, Iran, Russia play into whats going on?

Major General Paul E. Vallely (U.S. Army ret.) to give us some insight as to what’s happening and the real affect it will have on us.

Support his organization, the Stand Up America.

AND as always, we’ll be covering current events, including those weird news items that you may not have heard or read in the mainstream media accounts. Be sure to tune in!
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