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CPAC2018: Interviews from Radio Row talking justice, rule of law, cybersecurity, privacy, VA reforms, debt limit, and English as the official US language.

CPAC2018: Interviews from Radio Row talking Trump's speech, removing regulations, and tax reforms with Dave Goss and Kevin Jackson.

CPAC2018: Interviews from Radio Row talking REAL journalism, socialism, Middle East impacts in Venezuela, adoption, unemployment, and blacks on Trump.
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At the Gun Range

Support these companies who are ignoring pressure to #BoycottNRA

As we hear reports of companies distancing themselves from the NRA and caving to Liberal cries to #BoycottNRA, we're also getting reports of companies who have (at least for now) decided to maintained their relationship with them.
California Flag

Californians reward sex offenders early release from prison for “good behavior”

Yes folks. Californians are apparently ok with granting early release to potentially 10's of thousands of sex offenders because Californians want to believe that good behavior in prison should be rewarded. Let's see how this one works out. Any predictions?
Elizabeth Johnston, The Activist Mommy, Guns, AR15, Video Still

Activist Mommy Guns Down Gun Control Hysteria

Elizabeth Johnston, The Activist Mommy nails with her latest video saying, "Because I'm pro-life, I'm pro-gun. I have 10 children to protect! I'm not going to sacrifice my liberty and my family's safety so that your feelings don't get hurt." [VIDEO]
Selective Sterilization, Abortion, LiveAction

Black Genocide: Who’s behind the well-orchestrated agenda? And still funding it today?

Maafa21 clearly exposes the orchestrated plan of sterilization, birth control, and eugenics by groups intent on reducing, or even eliminating, the black population following the abolition of slavery. Yes folks. THIS is part of our history. And yes. We ALL need to know about it!

Blame the shooter and those who failed him… NOT the 2nd Amendment!

Nikolas Cruz passed a background check, he did not buy a rifle and immediately go on his killing spree, he was not designated a terrorist, domestic abuser, nor was he in the system as having a mental health crisis. These “simple solutions” are nothing but a call for infringement of gun rights and appear to have more to do with exploiting a tragedy for political gains, than understanding the loss this community is dealing with or the governmental missteps that led to the shooting in the first place.
Trump, Black, Unemployment, Jobs, Political Cartoon

Another Trump Promise KEPT: Black Employment Matters

President Trump promised to do more for black employment in 1 year than Obama did in 8 years. Another promise kept. Political cartoon by A.F. Branco
Muslim, Women, Children, Islam, Burqa

Is this U.S. City Council trying to implement Sharia law?

Hamtramck, Michigan proves that Americans are embracing Muslim-Americans in political positions. Out of their 6 member City Council board, 4 are Muslim. Now they are beginning to see why so many have warned that Islam is not compatible with American freedoms.
Albuquerque Police, Good Guy With Gun, Video Still

ICYMI: Good Guy With A Gun Saves Mother & Daughter (Video)

BB4SP: If Democrats had the gun control they so badly want, these two women would be dead. There are numerous stories like this one that goes unreported each day and we are glad that the mom and her daughter won’t have to worry about this criminal threatening them again.

CNN thinks Trump’s comments on school shooter’s mental health could be harmful

Does anyone else find it ironic that CNN thinks Trump should not be commenting on someone else’s mental health for fear it may be harmful? Since President Trump’s election CNN commentators have been questioning his mental health. They’ve gone so far as to quote doctors who have taken to arm-chair diagnosing the president without an exam.
soft targets, School Shooting, Democrat, Republican, politics

Dems politicizing the shooting or genuine concern?

Democrats continue their strategy of “let no crisis go to waste," and the latest school shooting is no exception. Are they really just using these traumatized families and children's for political props? If they really cared about making gun law reforms, they had 2 full years of control when President Obama was in charge. Why didn't they change anything then?
DNC, Silent Protest, Bernie Sanders, Media

What rights will you surrender to stop the Russian troll Apocalypse?

After a year, even Trump haters are getting tired of hearing about "Russian collusion." Face it, only true political aficionados pay attention when it's mentioned on the news. Everyone else just tunes it out. So why is this topic important?
smoking gun

Are doctors prescribing the smoking gun to school shooters?!

Dr. Bridget Melson was on the show last week stressing the importance of parents being parents (not your child's friend), less electronics, more face time, and God. With the Parkland school shooting still fresh in all our minds, she delves into another aspect of our culture that needs to be addressed... mind altering prescription drugs.
Woody Allen

Weinsteining: Liberal college refuses to remove class celebrating Woody Allen

Let me get this straight... Liberal college campuses refuse to let people like Ben Shapiro speak. But they still have, and actually REFUSE to remove, classes celebrating the talent of someone like Woody Allen. Even in this hyper-charged, Weinsteining-Era exposing Hollywood's sexual assault coverups.
Obama Portrait, WireTap, Trump

Enough with the Russia distraction. Who’s going to pay for illegally wire tapping the...

Enough with the Russia distraction. The Obama Administration's wire taps into the Trump campaign were unwarranted and illegally obtained based on KNOWINGLY false information. Who will be held accountable for that?

CA Governor: Signs bill ensuring teachers & students are sitting ducks

Five Cali school districts tried to do just that in a valiant effort to ensure the safety of their students and staff. Enter Governor Jerry Brown and his merry band of Liberals in Sacramento who know best about how to make teachers and students sitting ducks for a would-be shooter.

Not every mass shooting survivor attacks the NRA & 2nd Amendment

Not every school mass shooting survivor attacks the NRA and extolls disarmament. Some have matured and would like to stop schools from being tempting soft targets to armed sociopaths. In other words, they want to end schools as gun free zones...
Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton: Champion of armed guards in schools BEFORE gun control was the mantra

Every time someone recommends armed guards in schools a liberal is there to call it stupid or pandering to the “gun lobby.” I wonder how they would feel if they knew the first president to suggest armed school guards. Because it was almost eighteen years ago then-president Bill Clinton, suggested putting armed cops (or other trained armed guards) in schools.
Cowboy, Firearm, Gun, Holster

Constitutional Sheriff isn’t afraid of a “well regulated militia,” they use it to their...

This is what a Constitutional Sheriff does. They proactively work to protect their citizens. And they aren't afraid of a "well regulated militia." They use it to their benefit! If only California sheriffs had the wisdom and foresight to do what this Ohio sheriff just did...


Did Obama know what the FBI and DOJ were doing in the election?

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