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Monday, January 17, 2022


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Should California abolish parenthood?

Column: California should abolish parenthood, in the name of equity

Woman hires hitman for husband online GENIUS!

Michigan woman sentenced after trying to hire hitman for husband onlin

White People Fear Black Men

Pastor Andy Stanley: ‘White People Fear Black Men’

Was Lincoln’s Election really more accepted?

Chuck Todd: ‘Lincoln’s Election Was More Accepted’ Than Biden’s

Is God really a male?

Student’s paper marked down for describing God as male

Christian School supports Planned Parenthood

Pro-life group convinces 34 Christian universities to stop promoting Planned Parenthood

Judge wants the Arizona election review numbers!

Arizona judge fines Cyber Ninjas $50,000 a day until it turns over election review records

Joey B’s economic fairytale

Steve Forbes Trashes Joe Biden’s Remarks On the New Jobs Report Calling It Nothing But a ‘Fairytale’

The JOY is gone?

'Unmanageable' Joy Reid Gets Fired From MSNBC Show 'The ReidOut'? Rumors on Social Media Following Tweet

Boston Bomber collecting COVID stimulus checks!

Cotton correctly predicted Boston Bomber would receive COVID stimulus check


Jesus, Disciples, Apostles

Jesus Would Not Want Unvaccinated Christians Attending Church?

CNN Priest Says Jesus Would Not Want Unvaccinated Christians Attending Church

WHO Director and Fauci at odds

Fauci and WHO Director-General disagree on COVID booster programs

New 1776 Curriculum to push back on CRT

College releases '1776 Curriculum' to fight back against critical race theory

WH staffers looking for exit door as Biden tanks!

Biden's popularity sinking in the White House as unhappy staffers plan post-holiday exit: report

Kidnapping and sex with minors gets you 0 Bail?

Man arrested for alleged kidnapping, sex with minor, Gascon's office recommended $0 bail: California police

Clinton begging for a second change!

Hillary Clinton is begging Democrats to consider her as an alternative to Biden: Devine

Border crossings hit another record high

INVASION: Illegal Border Crossings Hit Record High Last Month

Mask Less Shopping in LA?

“Mask-less shoppers” mobbing Northern California stores in protest of health orders

California is on the downslide in MANY ways

The Lack of People Moving to California Is So Bad It's Surprising Researchers...but It Shouldn't

So much for ME TOO in Hollywood!

'Modern Family' star Ariel Winter says she felt 'an overwhelming amount of negativity and sexualization' when she was a teenager

Christianity on the downside?

Christianity down 12% in ten years among US adults

UK proves Omicron not so bad!

UK data suggests hospitalization is less likely with omicron

Trudeau grows a spine!

Trudeau says western countries need to stand together against China

Why Merry Christmas, NOT Happy Holidays!

BUT you can’t have CHRISTmas without CHRIST!


*** Simply Merry Christmas ***

Bolling calls out CNN idiots!

Eric Bolling UNLEASHES on Shepard Smith, ‘Lefty Liberal Media’

Only vaxxed people will be allowed to live normal lives!

Those Wanting to Live Normal Life Must Be Vaccinated, Says Chicago Mayor

Christmas promotes Christian Privilege?

College Students Say Christmas Promotes ‘Christian Privilege’

49 States Have Transparent Spending Reports, Only California Remains Clandestine

Only Vaxxed Can Celebrate Holidays with Loved Ones

King Biden says NO CHRISTMAS for you unvaxxed!

Only Vaxxed Can Celebrate Holidays with Loved Ones

GOP rep pushes back on faux Jan 6th committee

GOP rep pushes back on faux Jan 6th committee

Tlaib wants to empty federal prison within 10 years

'Squad' Rep. Tlaib grilled over bill that would empty federal prisons in 10 years

Faith-Based exemptions may not work!

Biden's HHS revokes certain faith-based exemptions, rolls back religious liberty enforcement

BLM against Christmas!

Black Lives Matter Rails Against ‘White-Supremacist-Capitalism’ Christmas

School sued after school changes students gender


Biden confused about Israel’s Six Day War

Biden Makes False Claim About Role in Israel’s Six-Day War

Teacher wins school board after forced to resign!

Teacher Forced to Resign After Attending Jan. 6 Protest Wins School Board Seat

Solar farms waste water! LOTS OF WATER!

Solar Farm Uses Twenty Million Gallons of Water in Two Months

Biden – Ungodliest admin in US History

Jeffress: Biden Admin ‘Ungodliest’ in US History

Queer space needed in classrooms?

Male Teacher, Who Wears Stilettos, Provides ‘Queer Space’ in Classroom

Police Department has to hire Security Company!

Beverly Hills Hires Two Private Security Companies After Attempted Robberies

California gun victims can sue gun manufacturers for violence

Gov. Gavin Newsom wants to let Californians sue some firearm manufacturers and sellers.


If they MANDATE vaccines will you get one!

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