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Juan Williams worried Republicans will steal election – Why is their playbook missing?

Juan Williams Issues Stark Warning: Republicans Are ‘Preparing The Ground To Steal An Election’
Chuck Schumer (D-NY)

Schumer calls Homeless kids RETARDED BUT should he get a pass?

VIDEO: Schumer Refers to Homeless Kids as ‘Retarded’

ANOTHER reporter who wrote book on Clintons found Dead!

Reporter who broke story on Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting found dead

Dozens of Baltimore businesses to stop paying taxes if city doesnt deal with surging...

"The laws only seem to apply to business owners and taxpayers."

No more “freshman” at Texas CHRISTIAN college – Not inclusive enough

TCU plans to drop ‘freshman,’ use ‘first-year student,’

New York has become Chicago in the 40’s – gunfights in the street

Wild Brooklyn gunfight captured on surveillance video
Benjamin Franklin, A Republic If You Can Keep It

Have we lost civilization?

Our leaders are urgent about nothing that matters and not in the least bit urgent about things that matter very much.
Ubax Gardheere

County candidate once threatened physical harm to children

Washington county council candidate once threatened to blow up school bus: court docs
Quisha King, Florida mom, speaks out against critical race theory.

Black moms coming forward to stop CRT

Black mother slams critical race theory at Florida school board meeting: 'Not teaching the truth'

Happy Flag Day! – Yes its MORE important than ever!

Happy Flag Day! - Yes its MORE important than ever!
Supreme Court

Democrats in HyperDrive to take over elections

Democrats create myth of voter suppression in order to impose a federal takeover of elections
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot

Chicago Mayor defends her discrimination policy!

Lightfoot: 'The lawsuit is completely frivolous. I'd use a more colorful term if we weren’t on TV'

PELOSI proves the Dems ARE above the law

House Republicans who voted to oust Taylor Greene demand Pelosi do same for Ilhan Omar

Kamala proves she knows NOTHING!

Vice President Kamala Harris lost her composure when a Univision anchor pressed her on when she plans on visiting the southern border crisis.  

iHeart media says Whites not welcome

iHeartMedia, the largest owner of radio stations, is apparently “looking at only diverse hires at this time,”

BLM infighting over transparency!

The BLM infighting comes on the heels of Patrisse Cullors announcing she would step down

Critical Race Theory banned in FL classrooms!

Florida’s Board of Education Votes to Officially Ban Critical Race Theory from State Classrooms

Murder Rates soar in Democrat run cities

Murder Rate Soars to Unheard of Heights in New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Houston

High school stopped selling Yearbook over BLM issues

High school stopped selling and distributing the yearbook because the Black Lives Matter spread in it was "too politically one sided"
Rep. Adam Schiff of California

DOJ targeted Democrats under Trump – How does it feel

Trump's Justice Department targeted Democrats in Congress in search for source of leaks related to the Russia investigation

Is a naked bike ride while wearing a mask really being Naked!

Naked bikers are set to hit the Philadelphia streets in a couple of months for an event that won't require clothing except for one specific item – a face mask. 

Over 400 billion stolen in Unemployment funds

The federal government has allocated more than $896 billion to state unemployment insurance programs since March 2020
A.F. Branco Cartoon – Frail Rider

Being white makes you a parasite?

"Whiteness is a condition one first acquires and then one has..."

Chinese refugees afraid US becoming what they ran from

Mom Who Survived Mao’s China SLAMS Critical Race Theory; Same Thing Communist Regime Used

Michigan may de-certify election results! WOW!

Breaking: Michigan Election To Be Decertified After Voting Machines Were Remotely Logged into Says DePerno

Student in Virginia says “One Nation Under Allah”- WHAT?!

Student doing Pledge of Allegiance says "one nation under Allah" instead of God!

Newsom recall to cost taxpayers over $215 million

Elections officials in all 58 California counties have estimated their costs in the recall election against Gov. Gavin Newsom at over $215 million

14 year old blasts school for pushing to allow boys into girls locker rooms

Eighth-grade girl blasts school board for policy that would allow 'boys into girls' locker rooms'
American Flags

WaPos Mara Gay is Disturbed seeing dozens of American Flags

New York Times board member: There needs to be conversation about 'Whiteness'

I agree with Obama – Cancel Culture WRONG!

Obama says cancel culture has gone 'overboard': Stop expecting everybody 'to be perfect'

Students push back on CRT

Students reject Critical Race Theory after learning what it's really about

McConnell says era of bipartisanship is over – NO KIDDING!

McConnell: 'Era of Bipartisanship Is Over'

2500 Christians come out to worship after County says NO!

GLORIOUS! 2,500 Christians Defy California County’s Lockdown, Gather to Worship Jesus

Viginia teacher suspended for refusing to call a student by CHOSEN gender

Leesburg Elementary School teacher Byron "Tanner" Cross said it's against his religion to call children by pronouns not associated with their biological sex

AOC calls out Harris for her immigration comments

AOC calls Harris' immigration comments 'disappointing' as VP warns migrants 'do not come'

Republicans are winning 100% Democrat areas

Hispanic Republican Wins Mayoral Election in Solidly Blue McAllen, Texas

Harris greeted with GO HOME in Guatemala

‘Kamala, Go Home!’: Harris Greeted by Pro-Trump Protesters in Guatemala

Rep Omar compares the US to Hamas and the Taliban

Rep. Omar says the U.S. and Hamas have committed 'unthinkable atrocities'

Disney promoting 2 gay dads and more

New Disney Cartoon to Feature Two Gay Dads and a Gender Non-Conforming Kid

Will Joe Manchin hold the line?

Sen. Joe Manchin to vote against key voting rights bill
Gay Pride Flag

WH and State department at odds on pride flag

DoD will not fly the pride flag at military installations

SF teachers union approves of BDS

San Francisco’s teachers union is drawing criticism from Jewish families after voting to endorse the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement


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