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Dems triggered by faith?

ACB ‘Triggered’ Dems Because She’s a Brilliant Jurist Guided by Her Faith: Nance

Think About It

Come on Dems get past your bloviating cries of foul over the nominee, the process and realize this ballgame is already decided and your team lost!

SHOCK – People leaving big cities in BIG numbers!

Expensive-city exodus leads to massive rent declines in NYC, San Francisco

Kommyfornia lays down new communist rules

State releases new guidelines for household gatherings

Democrats are MAD at PELOSI!

Dems Lose It, Tell Pelosi “SHUT UP AND TAKE THE DEAL!”

Why do Dem legislators hate Jews!

“ROUNDING UP THE JEWS” Trump Shares Tweet Blasting De Blasio’s Crackdown on Orthodox Jews

Sanctuary Cities for the Preborn!

Texas city is 15th in nation to declare itself a ‘sanctuary city’ for preborn children

Katie Hill like bad rash – Just wont go away!

Elisabeth Moss Set To Star As Katie Hill In Blumhouse Television Adaptation Of Ex-Congresswoman’s Memoir

Hows Defunding the police working out in NYC?

'Defund the police' movement takes toll on NYC's crime rate, law enforcement and Dem critics claim, as shootings and murders spike

BLM is attacking Christianity! WHY

BLM’s Attack On Christianity

Latinos LOVE Trump!


Your vote decides your religious fate!

Priest: ‘You might not have a church to go to if you don’t vote the right way in November’

Doug’s Rant-It keeps getting better and better

Obama may have “Approved by Hillary Clinton a proposal from one of her policy advisors to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a national scandal claiming interference by the Russian security service.”

Check the Charts – Masks DONT work!

Do Masks Really Work? Here's What the Charts Tell Us

CNN has a moment of clarity – BUY a lottery Ticket!

CNN Shuts Down Dem Over Phony Claims SCOTUS Pick Is "Illegal" And "Illegitimate"

Trump approved by Native Americans?

Navajo leader praises Trump for helping Native American community at RNC 2020

JoeyB Lie 241!

Biden falsely claimed he 'got started' at historically Black Delaware State University.

White Christian responsible for Oregon and California wild fires?

Oregon State prof blames 'White Christians' for West Coast wildfires

THOUSANDS of Doctors and Scientists come out against Fauci!

Literally Thousands of Doctors and Scientists Have Come Out Against Fauci’s Lockdowns Including a Nobel Prize-Winning Biophysicist. The Media Just Doesn’t Want You to Know

Carson praises Trump for Healthcare plan!

Weeks Before The Election, Ben Carson Drops A Ton Of Bricks On Washington – He Gives Trump Credit On Healthcare

REFUGEES mostly agree DEMOCRATS are the Authoritarians!

Refugees from tyranny agree: Authoritarian threat in America now is from the left

Average Democrats NOT excited about Biden!

ABC's Martha Raddatz: 'There wasn't a whole lot of enthusiasm' for Biden during my road trip across America

Obama KNEW Clinton behind Russian Scandal!

Obama admin briefed on claims Hillary Clinton drummed up Russia controversy to vilify Trump, distract from emails

NRA takes on Los Angeles and WINS!

L.A. Ordered to Pay NRA Six Figures for Violating First Amendment

Having a Trump flag is now Illegal? Kindof!

Teacher Orders Teen to Remove Trump Flag from Bedroom During Online Class

Catholic Student punished for quoting the bible!

Catholic Student Punished for Using ‘Gendered’ Language from Bible

Fauci says Trump response to COVID is impressive!

The Response Of Trump Admin Has Been Impressive, I Can't Imagine Anybody Could Be Doing More

Joy has no Joy with Cruz!


Biden to face defamation suit over Rittenhouse comment!

Joe Biden to Face Defamation Suit After Calling Rittenhouse a ‘White Supremacist’

Protesters wont be charged!

St. Louis protesters won’t be charged in June face-off with armed couple
Joe Biden

CNN covers for Biden – AGAIN!

CNN Claims Biden Didn’t Call Trump’s China Travel Restrictions ‘Xenophobic.’ Here’s The Tweet Where He Did Exactly That.

Ahhhh Trump did not refuse denounce White Supremacy!

Fact Check: Transcript Shows Trump Did Not ‘Refuse’ To ‘Denounce’ Or ‘Condemn’ White Supremacy At Debate

Cal Democrats STEALING more tax payer money!

California Democrats are spending public money on voter outreach. Are they breaking the rules?

Rep Omar breaks the law AGAIN!

Minneapolis police investigating ballot harvesting claims amid allegations surrounding Omar

Politics Ain’t Fair

This type of strife is all so unnecessary if these overzealous radicals would somehow, some way, come to their senses and allow the golden rule to seep into their misguided brains. Will that happen within the next six weeks?

Roe vs Wade support has been declining for years!

Actually, most people don’t support Roe v. Wade

Trump protects Born Alive AGAIN!

Trump signs 'born alive' executive order aimed at protecting abortion survivors

Where is Amy Coney Barrett on Important cases!

Where has Amy Coney Barrett stood on important cases?

Thin Blue Line Flag is a symbol of Racism?

Florida high school bans football team's police flag after critics deem it "openly racist"

Jimmy Kimmel sets new record – It aint good!

Emmy Awards Hosted by Anti-Trump Jimmy Kimmel Sets Record for Worst Ratings Ever

Kentucky AG having nothing to do with celebrity crazies!

Kentucky AG and rising GOP star Daniel Cameron slams 'celebrities, influencers and activists' for telling people 'how to feel' about outcome of Breonna Taylor case - despite having never lived in the state

Liberals NOW attacking their own!

Liberals blast Chris Matthews for praising Trump's 'true presidential behavior' following Ginsburg death


Should the President and Senate nominate and confirm before or after election.

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