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Woman married to the ghost of a 300 year old pirate (not kidding) has separated. How does that work?!? AND... Don't let anyone tell you that Obama did so much better than Trump. Numbers don't lie.

Calling breastfeeding "natural" is unethical according to a recent study, because it's TOO gender specific! WOW! AND... When California Gov. Jerry Brown thinks Democrats have gone too far and become too radical, you KNOW we have a problem!

CNN can't (won't) get their facts straight about Trump and the border. AND... Xander Gibb says you can see how little Obama loved America when compared to watching what Trump is doing for Americans.
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Martin Luther King’s daughter supports Trump policy!

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Daughter Writes Letter Supporting Trump-Endorsed Bill

Weak men more likely to be socialists!

Study: Physically weak men more likely to be socialist, strong men more likely to be capitalist

More screen time equals brain damage.

Children who spend more time time glued to screens have different physical brain structures due to thinning of the cortex than children who spend less time using smart devices and video games, according to data from an ongoing study by the National Institutes of Health

Netflix series linked to higher suicide rate!

the findings suggest a particular vulnerability to the show's themes among youths at risk of suicide and the importance of prevention strategies to ameliorate risk among these viewers."

Millennial say Obama is a God? Well kinda!

Millennial poll: America ‘racist,’ not ‘great,’ Obama better than Washington

Dems have selective recall on border security!

Tear gas used once a month at border under Obama

Ex-Shell president says Obama did nothing to increase fuel production!

Former Shell Oil President Says Obama Had Nothing To Do With Increased Fuel Production

If Cohen faces jail time for lying then why not…..

Tucker eviscerates different rules for ‘well-connected’ DC elites: If Cohen faces jail for lying, why not…

Orange County turns Blue AFTER thousands of votes are FOUND! Part 2

ALL OF ORANGE COUNTY Turns Blue After Democrats Find Thousands of Votes Post Election Day

California Dems flip 7 seats – Overnight? Part-1

Orange County, a traditionally conservative enclave in Southern California turned all blue after Democrats found tens of thousands of votes post election day.

Gov Scott FINALLY suspends Snipes!

Florida Gov. Rick Scott Suspends Brenda Snipes From Role As Supervisor Of Elections

Clinton Foundation is good with Saudi Donations!

Clinton Foundation quiet on Saudi donations despite Hillary's attacks on Trump over Khashoggi's death

If Cohen goes to jail for lying shouldn’t Clinton?

Tucker eviscerates different rules for ‘well-connected’ DC elites: If Cohen faces jail for lying, why not…
Hillary Clinton, corruption, press, media bias, DOJ, Washington DC

SHOCK – NEWS – NOT – Clinton Foundation has history of issues!

The FBI's latest probe into the foundation may seem like a political witch hunt, but there are reasons to wonder what's going on with the organization.
guns, weapons

Mexico has 1 gun store AND one of the highest Murder rates!

Mexico Has 1 Gun Store. Its Murder Rate Is 5x Higher than the US
Senator Chuck Schumer

Schumer out of touch with HIMSELF!

Chuck Schumer’s latest attack on Trump called out for extreme hypocrisy

House loss or RINO pruning?

Surprise Trump House Victory – Establishment Republicans Lost the House
Black Friday

How did Black Friday get it’s name? It’s not what you think. Racist?

Black Friday - it's a day when millions of Americans hit the stores in search of the best post-Thanksgiving bargains.
Happy Thanksgiving

Poetry-Inspired Thanksgiving message!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving everyone! Don't forget the true meaning of the holiday and enjoy time with your loved ones and friends.

Do Armed police endanger many lives?

“As long as police remain at Evergreen, its status as a ‘sanctuary campus’ should be viewed with a grain of salt, as should any stated commitments to equality and inclusion," freshman Alice McIntyre said at the event, the Cooper Point Journal reported.

Just how much of the national debate does social media control? See “The Creepy...

"The Creepy Line" movie should make you afraid for our Nation! It's a fact-based horror flick exposing just how much of the national debate social media can control.

Addicted: You can’t hide it anymore!

The next public health epidemic right now... it's teenagers and THC (marijuana). Kids are smoking and eating this drug that is exponentially stronger than what it was 40 years ago. Kids getting tested are registering levels of THC that cause severe psychosis!

Do Christians still have free speech on college campuses?

Remember when colleges and universities were safe spaces for diversity of thought and speech? Those days are gone. Especially if you're a Christian or Jew.

What happened to the Red Wave & Blue Wave predictions?!?

Both Republicans and Democrats were predicting landslide elections. But neither side saw a "wave". So what happened with those Red Wave and Blue Wave predictions? Expert on forecast modeling, Dr. Gerard Lameiro explains why he's calling it a "Zero Wave" election:

Broward’s Election Supervisor “aggressive” and “defiant” per Body Language Expert

Body Language Expert analyzes Broward County's Election Supervisor, Brenda Snipes' video interviews and reports that her behaviors are aggressive, defiant, and deceptive. Anyone else pick up on that?

Is North Korea disarming? Satellite photos show, maybe not!

Just when you thought President Trump was making headway denuclearizing North Korea, we start getting reports that there may be 20 undeclared missile bases still in operation according to the Beyond Parallel project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Dems prove you CAN buy an election!

"Democratic House candidates this cycle raised $951 million as of Oct. 17,
MAGA, Bringing Donald Trump's agenda to California

Out of touch Cali Democrat ads scream: “Trump’s Agenda Is Coming to California”

Now, even Progressive Liberal PAC's and the unions who fund them are making the case FOR Trump's agenda. And they don't even realize it. Talk about having your head so buried in hate that you can't see what's happening right in front of you...

Carpetbagger ALERT! Running in Michigan Congressional District

Michigan Congressional candidate (and carpetbagger) Elissa Slotkin has never paid taxes in Michigan and never voted in the state until she voted for herself in the August primary. Oh, and by the way, she worked in Obama's CIA.

Ebony Magazine Leaves off ALL Black conservatives from congress list

Ebony Magazine Leaves off ALL Six Black Female Republican Candidates from their Black Female Politicians List


Can Mueller be trusted to do the right thing?

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