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More than 6 in 10 students believe that inclusivity is more important than free speech. AND... Radio host, Andrea Kaye says, Liberals are destroying their own feminist movement with the Equality Act. AND... Pay attention in your community.

43% of Americans think Socialism would be a good thing for America. The socialist professors are teaching in a capitalist society. Only under our type of government can people talk about fundamentally changing it without fear of imprisonment or DEATH!

Democrats are willing to sabotage their own interests rather than give any concessions to Trump. AND... When Nancy Pelosi is the voice of reason in the Democrat Party, you KNOW the Earth is spinning in the wrong direction! With guest Julio Rivera, the Conservarican.
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No more Valedictorian for you! makes people feel bad!

High school to eliminate valedictorian honor over 'mental wellness' concerns

Model poses nude to punish male legislators! REAKKY?

Emily Ratajkowski Poses Nude To Punish ‘Old White Men’ For Alabama Abortion Law

Obama-Clinton top level adviser found dead!

Former Obama And Clinton Official Found Dead Of Apparent ‘Suicide’

Gov Newsom has made a habit ignoring Californians!

Jim Breslo: For California's Gov. Gavin Newsom, ignoring the law has become a winning strategy

Muslim mom livid cause she THINKS lasagna contains bacon!

Muslim mum furious her Aldi lasagne sauce 'tasted like bacon'

2020 Dem hopefuls – Its all about Socialism!

2020 Democratic hopefuls would bring socialism into view

Barr Trolls Pelosi!

Barr Trolls Pelosi In Person: ‘Madam Speaker, Did You Bring Your Handcuffs?’

Democrat Governor secretly busing illegals to another state

NM Governor Who Left Border Open over Trump’s “Charade of Fear-Mongering” — Sees Illegals Flood Across Border, Then Buses Them to Denver

CALIFORNIA raiding reporters homes!

In The People's Republic Of California, There Is A War On The Press...And Donald Trump Is Not Involved

No Obama scandals? The ObamaCare Deception!

Gruber Admits ObamaCare Is One Giant Deception From Beginning To End

No Scandals Obama? More money for Iran!

U.S. Transferred $1.3 Billion More in Cash to Iran After Initial Payment

Would you pay anything to be at the Clinton tour?

‘An Evening With The Clintons’ Tour Ends, Ticket Prices Plummet To $2.00

Yes lets decriminalize drugs – What could go wrong?

Denver to vote this week on decriminalizing magic mushrooms

Identity politics at its finest!

DREAMers tell of ballot-harvesting in California to flip the House blue

Sure kids aren’t moved by TV!

Study: Kids' suicides spiked after Netflix's '13 Reasons'

Liberals normally have LOW IQ’s ?

New Study shows Liberals have a lower average IQ than Conservatives
Joe Biden, Brain

Biden: China ain’t no big thing!

Biden on China: "They're not competition for us"

Mueller says Barr’s conclusions were not wrong!

Bret Baier: Mueller conceded that AG Barr's conclusions weren't inaccurate

Newsom says no water tunnels!

Newsom scraps $16B plan for tunnels to deliver water to Southern California

Dem mantra – “Investigate to Impeach!


Harvard Immunologist – Un-Vaxxed kids may not be dangerous!

Harvard Immunologist to Legislators: Unvaccinated Children Pose ZERO Risk to Anyone

No Opt out for California Sex Ed classes?

California Bans Parents From Pulling Kids From ‘Obscene’ LGBT Sex Ed Classes

What is a “Fat Sex Therapist”?

“Fat Sex Therapist” Says Diet Culture is a Form of “Assault”

Sanders is a snowflake!

Bernie Sanders visibly frustrated as hecklers unload at She The People Forum for women of color

DNC Chair says if they lose on 2020 it means Repubs cheated!

DNC Chair: Losing to Trump again would be due to 'lie, cheat and steal' playbook

Environmentalists NOT happy with new report on electric cars!

Whoops: Environmentalists Are Not Going to Be Happy About This New Electric Car Study

Mueller report makes Obama look BAD!

Former Bush Assistant Says Mueller Report Makes Obama Look ‘Just Plain Bad’

Screw York Yankees!

Screw York Yankees

Human composting coming to a state near you!

Washington state could become first state to allow human composting

Obama Administration – Darker than we knew!

Obama administration was corrupt, more and more evidence reveals daily

Rosenstein in trouble?

The deputy attorney general’s decision not to recuse himself from the Mueller probe will be his terrible legacy.

Unemployment hits 50 year low!

Trump Snags Economic Milestone: Americans Filing for Unemployment Benefits Hits 50-Year Low

People DONT agree with Mueller report – BUT dont know why!

Many Reject Mueller’s Findings But Not Sure Why

Wrong predictions about Earth Day!

18 spectacularly wrong predictions made around the time of first Earth Day in 1970, expect more this year

50 Years of climate change prediction failures!

This Earth Day, it almost feels like we should be carving some turkey. Why? Because we have a lot to be thankful for since...

Dixie schools renamed because of racism?

North Bay School District Changing Name Tied to Confederacy

LA now has a bigotry ban!

LA Passes Bigotry Ban Including Steep Fines For Offenders

More Parents pushing against Sex Ed in California!

Hundreds of Fired Up Parents Tell Legislators “Don’t Mess with My Kids”

Some Pastors dont want to offend!

Half of Pastors Worry They’ll Offend Someone if They Preach on Controversial Topics

Pence backlash as commencement speaker at Christian University!

Christian university faces backlash after announcing Mike Pence as commencement speaker

Students Vote for Reparations!

IT'S OFFICIAL: Georgetown students approve mandatory reparations fee

No Religion growing as fast as Catholicism!

'No Religion' Now As Popular As Catholicism, Evangelicalism


Can Mueller be trusted to do the right thing?

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More than 6 in 10 students believe that inclusivity is more important than free speech. AND... Radio host, Andrea Kaye says, Liberals are destroying their own feminist movement with the Equality Act. AND... Pay attention in your community. ... See MoreSee Less

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