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Student interrogations start on Monday!

Governor Announces Schools Will Interrogate Students on What They Did for Thanksgiving, Take Action Against Those Who Gathered

Doug’s Rant–The Fun is Just Beginning

Chuckle Time:  It’s not funny, but I have to chuckle when I hear Dem’s demanding “Trump must do the right thing to protect our Democracy,” some...

The FRAUD keeps rolling in!

More Suspicious Elections Absentee Data from Detroit: 36% of Absentee Ballots Returned Were From People Who Were Not Listed as Being Sent an Absentee Ballot
Black Friday

How did Black Friday get it’s name? It’s not what you think. Racist?

Black Friday - it's a day when millions of Americans hit the stores in search of the best post-Thanksgiving bargains.
Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving poetry message!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving everyone! Don't forget the true meaning of the holiday and enjoy time with your loved ones and friends.

NEW STUDY shows – Masks don’t help!

A New Study Questions Whether Masks Protect Wearers. You Need to Wear Them Anyway.

Biden win is Statistically Improbable!

Trump Won 95% Of Bellwether Counties, Making Biden Win Statistically Improbable

More Georgia uncounted ballots found!

Georgia's Floyd County fires election director after finding uncounted ballots

Unite? After what we have seen for 4 years – Pound Sand!

Unite? After what we have seen for 4 years - Pound Sand

Another Georgia RINO is exposed!

A Second Agreement In Georgia Between Democrats and Gwinnett County Is Discovered – This Illegitimate Deal Needs to Be Addressed

Dominion Voting systems board filled with ANTI trump members

Anti-Trump Dominion Voting Systems Security Chief Was Participating in Antifa Calls, Posted Antifa Manifesto Letter to Trump Online

Then they came for you!

Then the deplatformers came for Dan Bongino

National School Board assoc pushing FAKE 1619 revisionist history!

National School Board association pushing FAKE 1619 revisionist history!

Doug’s Rant-Brain Strain

No voter fraud? nothing to see, concede already?

Yo Biden, Mr Unity decry these attacks on Trump voters!

Where’s Biden? The silence from ‘Mr. Unity’ over violent attacks to Trump supporters is deafening

GA Democrats ripe with corruption!

The Devil Just Got Caught In Georgia: Trump Lawyer Files Lawsuit After Exposing Shady Deal Between Georgia Secretary of State & DNC Lawyer

Romney involved in voter fraud?

Vote counting company tied to Romney

They don’t hide it anymore, Its a Coup!

There's No Hiding It...It's a Coup

YUP! dead people voted!


Federal Election Commissioner says Election was a sham!

Chair of the Federal Election Commission Drops Bombshell Announcement
Franklin Graham

Graham – America under attack!

Franklin Graham: America ‘Under Attack From Within’ By Socialists Sowing Anarchy

Newsom good with sodomy against minors!

Gov. Gavin Newsom Signs Bill Reducing Penalties for Sodomy with Minors

Over 500k Votes switched from Trump to Biden!

CAUGHT! Election data analyzed, producing detailed list of over 500,000 votes SWITCHED from Trump to Biden via voting machine software theft, with heavy fraud focused on swing states

Dictator Newsom doesn’t pay his property taxes!

No Matter Which Estate Gavin Newsom Chooses for Thanksgiving, Perhaps He Should Pay Property Taxes?

VOTER FRAUD – USPS able to deliver ballots before they were actually sent out!

Tens of Thousands of Pennsylvania Ballots Returned Earlier Than Sent Date: Researcher

VOTER FRAUD – Californians caught voting in Nevada also!

Over 1,400 Californians Suspected of Voting in Nevada’s Election

Is AG Barr up to something?

The real story behind AG Barr authorizing investigations of vote fraud blows away the MSM narrative

Trump Approval on the rise?

Rasmussen: Trump's Approval Actually Rises Postelection

Attorney Sidney Powell says there may be more than 450k FRAUD ballots

Sidney Powell claims there are 450,000 ballots that voted only for Biden, left the rest blank

Constitution ONLY! sets election guidelines!

Administrative changes in Wisconsin election put tens of thousands of votes in question

Doug’s Rant-The Unfairness of it All

You Got The Wrong Guy: I received a text from someone saying “Doug, we need comforting words of wisdom this week.” This person has the...

VOTER FRAUD – Legal action taken in Pennsylvania!

Republican Attorneys General Taking Legal Action over Pennsylvania Mail-in Ballots

Veterans’ Day: Honor their sacrifice Honor the Vote!

On Veterans' Day: Our history is the blood that flows through the arteries of our nation... Without it we would have no future... With the distortion and manipulation of our history taught today, we should never apologize for telling it the way, it really happened.

CAUGHT RED HANDED in Nevada changing ballots!

Whistleblower Saw People in Biden Van Opening, Filling, and Sealing Nevada Ballots, Trump Campaign Claims

VOTER FRAUD – MICHIGAN voter count glitch – People Error!

Michigan GOP Chair: Election Software “Glitch” in Michigan County Counted 6,000 GOP Votes as Democrat – Software Used in 47 Counties!

VOTER FRAUD – Voting system had glitches in 28 states!

Dominion Voting Systems: The company at the center of Michigan and Georgia voting ‘glitches’

VOTER FRAUD – 150 year olds voting!

VOTER FRAUD - 150 year olds voting

VOTER FRAUD – Ambassador’s DEAD husband voted!

US ambassador shows her vote wasn’t counted and her 5-year dead husband received a ballot

VOTER FRAUD – 353 counties with voter registration OVER 100

New Judicial Watch analysis finds 353 counties in 29 states with voter registration over 100%

Fauci’s family turns on him!

Anthony Fauci's family says they can no longer stand behind flip-flopping family member

Another WHISTLEBLOWER calls out Harris and Pelosi!

DNC Whistleblower Pleads For Help, Claims Both Kamala Harris And Nancy Pelosi Are Behind The Rampant Election Fraud We’re Witnessing

MI worker admits to throwing out 10s of thousands of trump votes!

Self-Described Dem Party Worker, Detroit Resident, Brags On Facebook: “I work for Wayne Co, MI and I threw out every Trump ballot I saw. Tens of thousands of them and so did all of my co-workers”


Should the President and Senate nominate and confirm before or after election.

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Del Beccaro – Is time running out for Trump?

How did Barr decide there is no proof of fraud?

Are the Dems that lost? They cant get it together to ask a real question!

Dem DBL standards?

Tom Del Beccaro joins Joe to discuss his take on the process taking place right now and the chances of a victory!

Tom is an acclaimed author, speaker and the former Chairman of the California Republican Party. His latest book is “The Divided Era: How We Got Here and the Keys to America’s Reconciliation.”

AND as always, we’ll be covering current events, including those weird news items that you may not have heard or read in the mainstream media accounts. Be sure to tune in!
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