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Saturday, September 18, 2021


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Suicides on the rise in police departments! Not Cool!

Suicides represent a sobering wake-up call for officer wellness

Can Florida keep the mask mandate?

Education Dept. probing whether Florida school mask mandate ban discriminates against kids with disabilities

9/11 Heroes 20 years later!

What makes someone a hero? What is a hero? How do you identify a hero? And let's not confuse Heroism with Bravery!!!! Some say a hero is born and not made. I say a HERO is made

CIA Operatives say withdrawal is a catastrophic failure

CIA operatives who led charge in Afghanistan feel Biden's withdrawal 'catastrophically mismanaged': Author

AOC no women – just menstruating persons

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez mocked for using term 'menstruating person' to describe women in interview

Teacher resigns after refusing to salute only American Flag

Teacher resigns after being told to remove Pride flag, not discuss sexuality

Obama’s traded Taliban prisoners are now in charge! NO GOOD!

4 prisoners Obama exchanged for Bowe Bergdahl now in senior Taliban posts

Biden Approval Crashes!

Economist/YouGov Poll: Biden Approval Collapses to 39 Percent

Moore Declares Osama WON!

Michael Moore Declares Osama bin Laden 'Won'

New Jersey Americans take it to Biden!

Biden heckled in New Jersey for stranding Americans in Afghanistan: 'He will leave you behind'

eMail Proof State Department screws up again!

State Department obstruction of private rescue flights from Afghanistan revealed in leaked email

Catholic Archbishops say enough with FAKE Catholics!

SF Archbishop: Catholic Politicians Who Support Abortion Should Be Challenged

Can ZOOM transmit Covid 19?

Rutgers bars unvaccinated student from attending virtual classes

Democrats found guilty of Election Fraud – AGAIN!

Democrat Party Found Guilty Of Election Violations

Will Joey B follow REAL science?

Biden promised to 'follow the science,' but some experts feel the science must follow him

De Blasio for Governor?

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio doesn't rule out running for governor

Parental Rights are an Illusion?

Opinion | The Dangerous Legal Illusion Of ‘Parental Rights’

Labor Day? or American Dream Day!

Most of you know today as Labor Day. What exactly is Labor Day? Sounds like a day to celebrate work, but it isn’t.

Flying the Flag can get you sued!

Joeylynn and Robert Mesaros proudly exercised their 1st Amendment right, expressing their support for President Trump’s re-election and got sued!

The Parties Over in Miami!

The Parties Over! in Miami!

Texas Abortion Law put on HOLD!

Texas judge hands narrow win to abortion providers fighting new 6-week ban

NYT reporter finally admits how biased they are!

Former NYT reporter describes secretive 'industry' of 'corporate investigations' that targeted pharma, Trump

More Refugees less vets?

US Expects to Admit More Than 50,000 Evacuated Afghans

Texas Heart beat bill stands! Maybe!

Texas Heart beat bill stands! Maybe!

Veteran left homeless because tenant refused to pay rent!

Air Force veteran left homeless after tenants refuse to pay rent

Can we expect MORE terrorist attacks in the US?

Rep. Ronny Jackson to Newsmax: 'Bad Things Going to Happen' on National Security

WHO Chief wants to halt boosters

WHO chief calling for two-month halt on vaccine boosters

Less police more holistic solutions

UC freezes safety officer hiring until campuses submit 'holistic, inclusive' plan

Most Millennials say Jesus aint the only way!

60 Percent of ‘Born Again’ Millennials Don’t Believe Jesus is Only Way to Heaven

Washington state athletes wearing Covid 19 monitor?

Student-athletes required to wear Covid trackers at Washington state high school

Professor says flag waving is Dangerous!

Harvard professor says flag waving Kristi Noem 'unserious,' Kabul crisis is 'what happens' when US not serious

Twitter snowflakes in for surprise!

Tough Twitter diversity exec has driven 'snowflake' employees to TEARS

Biden cant find address book for world leaders!

Biden Has Talked to ZERO World Leaders Since Kabul Fell to Taliban

No warrant entry limited by Constitution!

U.S. Supreme Court Limits Police Power To Enter Homes With No Warrant

Biden says Taliban will help American leave!

Biden admin depends on Taliban to give Americans 'safe passage' 6 weeks after Biden said he doesn't trust them

Black Conservatives push to drop CRT!

Black conservative group pens open letter urging schools to drop CRT, adopt 1776 Unites

Equality- Standing up for students of color?

Minnesota principals sign 'de-centering Whiteness' pledge, suggest unions, PTAs help White supremacy

Is 9/11 – 2.0 on the horizon?

Afghanistan Spiraling Into Failed State Where al Qaeda Will Thrive, UK Says

Biden Left Afghan Gov’t With No Plan to Defend Country

Biden Left Afghan Gov't With No Plan to Defend Country

48 Percent of Voters say News Outlets More Interested in Building Influence Than Accurate...

48 Percent of Voters say News Outlets More Interested in Building Influence Than Accurate Reporting

Harvard Medical Professor says – Vax Mandates Create Distrust

Harvard Medical Professor says - Vax Mandates Create Distrust

Racist rock must GO!

‘Racist’ Rock Removed From College Campus After Black Student Union, Activists Complain


If they MANDATE vaccines will you get one!

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