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McCabe FIRED for lying to the FBI. AND... Abortionist says babies don't feel pain the way she kills them. AND... Chicago students trash WalMart on Natl School Walkout. Because nothing says "we remember those lost in the shooting" like trashing a business.

DACA recipient nails Obama and Dems. AND... Hypocrite Jimmy Kimmel thinks he's going to lecture US on sexism?? I don't think so! AND... Indoctrinated kids don't know what it means to be a boy. AND... Shaq wants to be sheriff in Georgia.

California doesn't want build desalination plants. To increase the water supply they'll just recycle sewer water. AND... Xander Gibb asks, why is it ok to be a slut in the world but you are ridiculed for saving yourself for someone special? AND... Many students complained that they were bullied into participating in the Nat'l School...
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Hillary Clinton, Situation Room

Hillary – Champion for women?

Hillary Clinton Let Him Stay. Women Say His Harassment Continued.

U.K.’s Nigel Farage Calls Out European Union for Its Hypocrisy on Tariffs

“I think right now if Donald Trump invented a cure for the common cold, they would still find a reason to criticize him,”

Obama admin spent $36M on lawsuits to keep info secret

Obama admin spent $36M on lawsuits to keep info secret

Baltimore Police caught AGAIN!

Baltimore police officers 'carried BB guns to plant on unarmed suspects they shot', court hears

Florida outlaws free speech zones in higher ed bill

A Florida bill that would outlaw free speech zones on the state's college campuses recently cleared the House of Representatives and is on its way to the Governor's desk.
Muslim girl hijab

Where are the Separation of Church and State activists in Iowa?

The school is going to use public resources to have an Islamic party on public school grounds to recognize an Islamic holiday that doesn’t even take place until the following month.

Dems say free speech equals discrimination

Iowa Dems claim free speech bill would 'legalize' discrimination

Pelosi says enforcing LAW is Cruel and unusual !

Pelosi slams California ICE raid as 'unjust and cruel,' amid outcry over mayor's tipoff to immigrants

Suing Trump for Global Warming! REALLY?

The Ninth Circuit Just Allowed Children To Sue Trump Over Global Warming

Christian refugee says he’s safer in Syria than Europe… NOT GOOD!

Haddad says, “It’s not good that Europe is open to all… ISIS and al-Nusra (al-Qaeda) want to destroy everything. If you do not understand that, I’m pessimistic for the future of Europe.”
California Gov. Jerry Brown, AG Xavier Becerra

If this isn’t obstruction of Federal Law enforcement, what is?

While U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions visited the once Golden State Wednesday to give a speech at the California Peace Officers Association’s 26th Annual...

Black on white crimes not re portable!

BREAKING News! 6 DEAD In Terrifying Attack On White People. MEDIA SILENT

More Guns REALLY DO equal less Crime!

CNN Admits: U.S. Town Where Guns Are Required Has Had Only 1 Murder in 6 Years

Rejecting body armor for political reason is CRIMINAL!

Sheriff Rejects Body Armor For Deputies To Avoid Cooperating With ICE

Illegal steals 361k from YOU!

Illegal immigrant from Mexico pleads guilty to using fake identity to steal $361,000 in government benefits
Joe Messina, The Real Side

Dem collusion with Farrakhan!

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan delivered a blistering speech in Chicago in which he said “powerful Jews are my enemy” and “white folks are going down,” calls are growing louder for Democratic leaders and Women’s March founders with ties to denounce him or step down.
David Weissman

Why I left the Republican Party

I see the constant arguing, cursing each other out, and I was tired of it. So I took it upon myself to try to stop the hate... from both sides. With all that has happened, I have made a decision to leave the Republican party and leave the Conservative movement, including the MAGA team.

School shootings – “We are Savage Creatures”

Hackers Lock Down Entire School District With Threats: 'We Are Savage Creatures'


Did Obama know what the FBI and DOJ were doing in the election?

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