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Photographer attacked over photo tribute to "A Christmas Story." AND... David Fischer with Landmark Capital explains what's happening in the stock market.

Is it a real democracy if we allow vote stealing? It isn't just happening in Florida. AND... What happens if President Trump just say "No" to the judge's ruling to allow CNN's Acosta back in the Press Briefings?

Many Democrats are saying every person's voice is NOT being heard in our elections. They are right! AND... Xander Gibb, host of X-RAD says he's sick of people accusing others of being white supremacist. What about black supremacists? Some people HATE whites. That's racism.
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Dems prove you CAN buy an election!

"Democratic House candidates this cycle raised $951 million as of Oct. 17,
MAGA, Bringing Donald Trump's agenda to California

Out of touch Cali Democrat ads scream: “Trump’s Agenda Is Coming to California”

Now, even Progressive Liberal PAC's and the unions who fund them are making the case FOR Trump's agenda. And they don't even realize it. Talk about having your head so buried in hate that you can't see what's happening right in front of you...

Carpetbagger ALERT! Running in Michigan Congressional District

Michigan Congressional candidate (and carpetbagger) Elissa Slotkin has never paid taxes in Michigan and never voted in the state until she voted for herself in the August primary. Oh, and by the way, she worked in Obama's CIA.

Ebony Magazine Leaves off ALL Black conservatives from congress list

Ebony Magazine Leaves off ALL Six Black Female Republican Candidates from their Black Female Politicians List

Mexicans LOVE when we culturally appropriate!

Actual Mexicans Shut Down White College Students Whining About ‘Cultural Appropriation’

The U.S. Air Force Versus Businessman Elon Musk

SpaceX should be at risk of losing some of its government money. And yet, although the Air Force awards Musk hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts every year, we have barely heard even a peep out of them.

Running and hiding from Republican opponents

If Democrats in Southern California thought their ideas for the country were better than the Republicans’, they would be clamoring to schedule debates every other day. That is obviously — and sadly, for Southern California voters — not the case.

Remember When they accused Trump of inciting violence? Thanks Maxine!

Thanks, Maxine Waters: Threat to Vermont GOP candidate — ‘We will rape you for days…open season for Republican death’

Love Trumps Hate? REALLY!

Clinton is Right — the Democrats Aren’t Civil

Trump 20 months and almost 300 wins – NOT TIRED!

Trump’s list: 289 accomplishments in just 20 months, ‘relentless’ promise-keeping

MEDIA BIAS: When your “political news” is so biased, Yahoo posts it under “entertainment”

When your "political news" posts are so biased and skewed that Yahoo posts them under "entertainment", you might be Esquire, who posted coverage of the recent mob of protesters intrusion on Senator Ted Cruz's dinner with his wife with the headline: "Watch in Satisfaction as Ted Cruz Gets Chased Out of a Restaurant By Protesters"

BREAKING: Draft Exec. Order Targets Online Platform Political Bias

This weekend, Bloomberg News received a draft of a proposed Executive Order authorizing federal antitrust agencies to look into possible violations. It's widely known that online conservative media has been taking a hit on online platforms for over 2 years now. Many have already been put out of business as online platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have shadowbanned and demonitized us, preventing us from reaching much of our audience and, in turn, earning ad revenues with the content we publish online. Those of us still hanging in there are having to make major changes to sustain and are largely relying on listener and reader support.
Project Veritas, Video Still, Destroy Capitalists

Socialists in our U.S. Govt offices: “We want to destroy capitalists.” Meet the Deep...

These people are sold out to their socialist cause. They put ideology above all else, including their employment. They're double-agents working against us from the inside. They are the roots of the Deep State.
Project Veritas, Video Still, Resist Everything

Deep State Unmasked: Employee says “Resist Everything”!

Avowed socialists are embedded in our U.S. State Department, and they're actively working to subvert the current administration. ProjectVeritas just released the first in a series of videos exposing a federal employee violating the Hatch Act and bragging that he has nothing to lose because he can't be fired.

ICE detainees not welcome in Jail?

Atlanta Mayor Signs Executive Order to Permanently Stop Accepting ICE Detainees at City Jail

MAJOR differences between Liberal and Conservative Women! REALLY!

STUDY: Conservative women are not identity politics fans

Math class covers Imperialism! WHY?

Penn State math course covers 'imperialism' and 'cultural intolerance'

Saying Jesus Loves you is Disruptive?

Wisconsin student labeled 'disruptive' for passing out 'Jesus loves you' valentines takes a stand
smart phone, social media

Still not running to MeWe, but dipping our toe in the MeWe pool…

UPDATED: After 2 years of censorship, shadow bans, and periodically, steep OVERNIGHT declines in our Facebook traffic, I started seriously evaluating alternatives to Facebook earlier this year.

Labor Day? or American Dream Day!

Most of you know today as Labor Day. What exactly is Labor Day? Sounds like a day to celebrate work, but it isn’t.

The Left’s war on Conservative Speech!

The Left’s New Offensive In Their Economic War On Conservative Speech

Senator lies about stance on life!

Pro-Life Groups Target Senator Who Flip-Flopped on Planned Parenthood – ‘Enough of the Mere Lip Service’

Is Trump traping the media?

The media keep falling into the Trump trap

Officer begs camera man to help him!

'Stop Filming and Help Me!': Officer Begs Security Guard to Help Him Subdue Suspect

Omarosa lies exposed

Bernie Sanders

Bernies illegal campaign contributions!

Bernie Sanders Campaign Pays Fine Over ‘Illegal’ Contribution From Foreign Political Party


Pro-Trump CNN Commentator Suspended Amid Disturbing Reports

Mueller’s fatal mistake

Mueller's fatal mistake

Madonna slammed online for making Aretha Franklin tribute all about her

Madonna slammed online for making Aretha Franklin tribute all about her

Un-American Tech Giant Google Thinks Our Military Is Evil

Un-American Tech Giant Google Thinks Our Military Is Evil


Did Mueller step over the line going after Trumps lawyer!

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