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Black America is NOT believing Omarosa's story. AND... Couple bikes near ISIS territory thinking all ‘humans are kind’... Guess what happened? AND... Now it's all about white supremacy. First it was white men. Now it's white women.

ESPN is now covering up for the NFL kneelers. They will no longer air the National Anthem before games. AND... Jerry Brown is encouraging legislation to end sex offender registry AND stop #bail for prisoners! Are we serious? Yep.

Alex Jones has been banned by almost ALL platforms! Where's the line for freedom of speech? AND... Xander Gibb, host of X-RAD says, if you don't stand up for Alex Jones, they're coming for you next! AND... Re: the Colorado baker... no one should be forced to perform a service. That's called SLAVERY!
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Un-American Tech Giant Google Thinks Our Military Is Evil

Un-American Tech Giant Google Thinks Our Military Is Evil

Auntie Maxine is causing REAL Damage!

Black Lives Matter protesters crash officer's wedding: 'You're a murderer!

Religious persecution still alive and Well!

Army Chaplain Faces Possible Court Martial over Religious Beliefs

Steyer says Dems lack common sense! REALLY?

Billionaire liberal Tom Steyer says Dems 'lack common sense' for not fighting to impeach Trump

Trumka under fire from his own!

Trumka blasted by teachers union boss for keeping door open on Trump 2020 endorsement

Sleeping on the Job not a fire-able offence ?

California DMV Employee Napped At Her Desk For 3 Hours A Day — But Wasn’t Fired

Has profanity now become part of our general conversation?

Planned Parenthood Pulls Profane New York Ad

Democrat wants higher taxes for people with toooo many children!

Scott Wallace, a liberal millionaire candidate running for Congress in Pennsylvania, has given millions of dollars to so-called population control groups that have advocated for taxing parents “to the hilt” for having more than two children, calling it “irresponsible breeding,” and said abortion is a “a highly effective weapon” to combat overpopulation.

STOP saying “Undocumented”

Justice Department: They're Not 'Undocumented' Immigrants, They're 'Illegal Aliens' — So Say So

Millie Bobby Brown named Sexiest Actress – ONE MAJOR ISSUE!

Millie Bobby Brown Named Sexiest Actress by W Magazine, Once Again Promoting Pedophilia

Are Universities leftist incubators ?

Prof: Leftist academics 'waging a war against America'

Apparently Medieval history needs color?

Activists demand more social justice in Medieval Studies

Has Higher education been a MAJOR failure?

The Crisis of Higher Learning

No Church discounts for you!

Ohio restaurant cancels Sunday church discount after outrage from secular organization

Air Force – Bibles not welcome!

Air Force Base Defends Replacing Bible with Generic “Book of Faith”
Bernie Sanders

New Mueller’s Russian Road leads to Bernie Sanders’ Chief Strategist. Uh OH!

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has evidence that links Bernie Sanders' former chief strategist (Ted Devine) to the Russia debacle. Think he'll get the Manafort treatment? Or the Clinton treatment? The entire Clinton team got immunity. Manafort got solitary confinement!

California wants a lawbreaker to be a lawmaker!

State Senator seeks to legalize identity theft and social security fraud by illegals in California


Did Mueller step over the line going after Trumps lawyer!

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