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Black professor pushes to abolish capitalism and whiteness

A teacher trainer in Cambridge, MA public schools believes we should abolish capitalism and whiteness

Ohio Supreme Court sides with Baker

Gibson’s Bakery Wins! Ohio Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Oberlin College Appeal

Transgenders say Doctors have failed!

Doctors Have Failed Them, Say Those Who Regret Transitioning

Doctors are upset about California’s new transgender law

California doctor rips 'political posturing' as lawmakers push bill to make state a 'refuge' for trans youth

Covid 19 + CDC = Dumb Kids

'Largest score decline' in reading for nation's 9-year-olds, first-ever drop in math

Conservative Students Sue College

Conservative Students Sue College for Being Treated Like ‘Second-Class Citizens’

25k Dead Voters on Michigan’s Voter Rolls?

25k Dead Voters Allegedly on Michigan's Voter Roll - Court Gloriously Denies Dem Leader's Attempt to Dismiss It

Why do they keep voting for her?

Do AOC's constituents back her calls to defund the police as violent crime surges in the district?

FBI director uses FBI jet for pers vacation

Republicans Press FBI Director on Vacation Use of Govt Jet

School cop saves many lives!

California school resource officer disarms student who pulled out loaded gun during fight: police


City approves of public urination and deification

Michigan business owners in uproar after city decriminalizes public urination, defecation

Biden admits to being involved with Hunter’s business

White House dodges questions on voicemail Joe Biden allegedly left for Hunter Biden on business dealings

Teenage girls suicides on the rise!

In pandemic’s isolation, an alarming number of teenage girls are attempting suicide

Rep Omar gets booed!

Watch Ilhan Omar Get Booed! God Bless America!

EYE Rolling is rooted in White Supremacy?

Oregon 'BIPOC' teachers claims eye-rolling is an example of a 'harmful practice rooted in White supremacy'

Gay Dude learns it aint cool to be woke!

Pro-Abortion, Gay Dude Learns There’s a Down Side to Being Woke

WHAT is a “Menstrual Dignity Act”

GOP candidate rips Oregon's 'Menstrual Dignity Act' as an 'implosion of the family'

Sexual Pleasure 101 for 9 year old’s!

Washington state school board director to teach sexual 'pleasure' class to 9-year-olds at sex shop

Rankings of the LGBTQ groups

This is how LGBTQ inclusivity rankings work

Joey B lied again – Cant Keep Count!

Fake News? Viral 'Pregnant 10-Year-Old Rape Victim' Abortion Horror Story Deserves a Deeper Look

Can you believe the public doesn’t trust the news?

SHOCKER! Trust in News Plummets to All-Time Low

EX-Trans says Florida ban is good!

California ex-trans teen backs Florida ban on Medicaid funds for transgender medical interventions

The real affect of Covid with kids!

Over 80% of public schools say COVID negatively impacted student behavior, study finds

Norman Rockwell looses out to Joe Biden

White House Replaces Classic Norman Rockwell Paintings With ‘Jumbo Photos’ of… Joe Biden

Psychologist says adoption is worse than abortion! REALLY?

Conservatives argue that kids should be adopted in place of abortion. But a psychologist says adoption can be a 'traumatic event' for everyone involved.

Seattle School District Promoting Sex-Change Resources

Seattle School District Promoting Sex-Change Resources

Happy Birthday America?

4th of July: I felt that way this past week. How was I going to wish America a Happy Birthday when I wasn’t really sure if the America we all know and love would exist as that “shining city on the hill” next year or in years to come?

Preacher arrested for reading bible!

Seattle Preacher Arrested During Pride Event Says ‘Crime’ Was Reading Bible In Park

NYT blasts sleazy Democrats

ew York Times columnist blasts 'sleazy,' 'unpatriotic' Democrats funding Republican 'crazies' in primaries

First Gay Spider-Man! REALLY?

Marvel Introduces Its First Gay Spider-Man as the Latest Spider-Verse Variant

American ‘Gun Violence’ Unpacked

Why is Gun violence out of control in Democrat run cities

Less marriages more people living alone. WHY?

The state of relationships, marriages, and living alone in the US

Boys NEED Fathers!

Boys Need Fathers: Trail Life USA Boss Links Violent Teens to Fatherless Homes

When can we have an honest discussion on gun violence

NOTHING HAS CHANGED: Why We Can Never Have an Honest Discussion about Mass Shootings

Does life without fathers have consequences

‘Life Without Father’: Less College, Less Work, and More Prison for Young Men Growing Up Without Their Biological Father

Real numbers on mass shooters

Inconvenient Fact About Mass Killings
Children, school

School Choice gets SCOTUS support!

School choice is sweeping America. Now, Supreme Court has given parents even more options.

Democrat Cities have highest homicide rates

Five major cities on pace to pass steep 2021 homicide totals halfway through 2022

We needed legislation for teachers not to have sex with students

Rhode Island passes legislation preventing teachers from having sexual relationships with students

Supreme Court uphold 2nd Amendment

New York Gun Carry Ban Unconstitutional, Supreme Court Rules in FPC-Supported Case; Court Addresses “Scrutiny” for Second Amendment Litigation
Congresswoman Maxine Waters

Removing the word “Woman” from the language!

NYT Admits Activists Are Erasing ‘Women’ From Medical Language After Promoting ‘Menstruators’ And ‘Pregnant People’

Happy Flag Day! – Yes its MORE important than ever!

Happy Flag Day! - Yes its MORE important than ever!


If they MANDATE vaccines will you get one!

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