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Is SF now the Slum by the Bay? Can you use AOC and logic in the same sentence?

Do progressive billionaires really want democracy… with guest Jeff Reynolds, author of Behind the Curtain, talking reality of the Deep State.

Actor Jussie Smollett's claim to be a victim of a hate crime appears to be false. That didn't stop the mainstream media from blaming President Trump and his supporters. Guest Kimberly Morin asks, how can anyone trust the media anymore?
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Republic vs Democracy!

Why We Are a Republic, Not a Democracy
Barack Obama, Caricature

Time to face facts – Obama’s Presidency was a DISASTER of TITANIC proportions!

It’s time to face facts: Obama’s presidency was a failure

Is Acosta REALLY as clueless as hey looks?

Acosta Refers to Children of Angel Moms as ‘Allegedly Killed by Undocumented Immigrants’

Congressional Women in White Dresses and Legal Vote Harvesting Fraud in CA

Republican's could take advantage of the same corrupt laws to harvest votes from registered republicans. Is it just me or is it real that CA Republican party officials don't seem to care one whit ............

Buy a Lottery ticket – 9th Circuit sides with Trump

9th Circuit Sides With Trump On Environmental Waivers For Border Wall

Knowingly sharing HIV no biggie in California

Knowingly exposing others to HIV will no longer be a felony in California

Senate Intelligence Committee says NO COLLUSION!

Shove It, Democrats: Senate Intelligence Committee Finds No Direct Evidence Of Trump-Russia Collusion

Trump Approval Rating Skyrockets

Trump Approval Rating Soars to 52% after State of the Union Address

eCigs creating lung issues in kids!

FDA is failing to protect kids from e-cigarettes, American Lung Association says

e-cigs are NOT stopping teens from smoking!

Skyrocketing teen e-cig use erases recent declines in youth tobacco use

AOC is REALLY out of touch!

Ocasio-Cortez Attacks ICE After Illegal MS-13 Gangster Allegedly Murdered Someone In Her District

KAMALA – Did you miss AOC’s memo?

Kamala Didn’t Get Memo, Signs On to Green New Deal as AOC’s Staff Removes FAQ Page

Will the Democrats EVER own up to slavery!

The History of How the Democratic Party Expanded Slavery

Finland fails at forced basic income!

Finland basic income trial left people 'happier but jobless'

No criminals coming over the border?

Border agents just apprehended convicted child molesters and an MS-13 member at the Texas border where there's no barrier

Chief Justice Roberts sides with Libs?

BETRAYAL: Roberts Joins Liberals on Abortion Ruling

Lemon shames Gladys Knight for Singing Anthem!

CNN’s Don Lemon Shames Gladys Knight For Singing Anthem, She Destroys Him

SERIES – Congressional Democrats that have been CHARGED with Crimes #2

Fattah, one of Philidelphia's most powerful political bosses was arrested on federal racketeering, fraud, and other corruption charges.

Church told to change their scripture or else!

Duke to Methodist Church: Change your beliefs for inclusivity
Abortion On Demand Sign, Planned Parenthood

Forced abortion services?

Yale forces its students to enroll in insurance that covers abortion

Trump scores a 76% approval for speech!

Trump Delivers 2019 State Of The Union: Put Aside Resistance And Work Together
Planned Parenthood, abortion clinic

What could ANYONE have against protecting babies?

Awful: Senate Dems Block Anti-Infanticide Bill

Christian School cans Shapiro speech! WHY?

Christian university cancels Ben Shapiro speech for campus 'unity'

Lawmakers back bill without reading!

Virginia lawmaker apologizes for co-sponsoring late-term abortion bill without reading it

Pentagon can build wall without State of Emergency!

Defense official: Pentagon can build parts of wall without Trump emergency declaration

SNL sicko at it again!

Pete Davidson Enrages Audience with Jokes About Having Sex with a Baby

SERIES – Congressional Democrats that have been CHARGED with Crimes #1

Here's a List of All the Congressional Democrats Who've Been Charged With a Crimes!

Schiff blows it AGAIN!

Donald Trump Jr. calls out Schiff after reports say that blocked phone calls weren’t to father

Trump will let DOJ handle Muellers report.

Trump Says He will Let Justice Department Decide Handling of Mueller Report

Harris seems to HATE Americans!

Angel Moms Make HEAVY Accusations Against Kamala Harris and Her Staff

The left is filled with LIARS and HATERS!

EVIDENCE: Rashida Tlaib ‘Lied’ About Residency To Run For Office, Registered To Vote At False Address

Socialism or Capitalism?

Today, the Democrat Party is the rocket launching pad for a Socialist States of America, and a farewell to the Constitutional Republic of The United States

Catholic Church wont excommunicate Cuomo!

Catholic Church says no to excommunicating Andrew Cuomo over New York state abortion law

SURPRISE – California College praises Maduro

Calif. college talk praises murderous Venezuela dictator, slams US 'attempted coup'

More proof the Dems are Godless!

Dems to strike 'so help you God' from oath taken in front of key House committee, draft shows

Harris has “Moral” issues!

Former San Francisco Mayor Admits to AFFAIR With Kamala Harris; Boosting Her Political Career

Joe Biden’s “evolution”

Joe Biden’s Career Is A Testament To The Hard Left Turn Of The Democratic Party

The Kavanaugh accusers LIED!

Lindsey Graham Needs To Pursue Those Who Lied During The Kavanaugh Debacle

Dems caught AGAIN in blurring the truth about the dossier!

New details of 2016 meeting with Trump dossier author conflict with Dems’ timeline

MORE voter fraud that doesn’t exist!

Judge Scorches Election Officials After Discovering They Illegally Allowed Migrant To Vote

Shower before you fly!

American Airlines kicks Southfield family off plane for body odor


Can Mueller be trusted to do the right thing?

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