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Parent push back on forced vaccines!

California voters could get a chance to overturn new vaccine law

California among the top 10 in POVERTY!

California’s poverty rate among highest in nation once again, new census figures show

Electric Cars are KILLIN the eco system!

Lithium mining for "green" electric cars is leaving a stain on the planet

Almost 2 million PHONY voters!

Conservatives Win Massive Lawsuit, 1.5 MILLION Illegal Voters Removed

9/11 Heroes 18 years later!

What makes someone a hero? What is a hero? How do you identify a hero? And let's not confuse Heroism with Bravery!!!! Some say a hero is born and not made. I say a HERO is made

University of Texas eliminates free speech zones

University of Texas eliminates free speech zones...and leftist students are not happy

California Lawmakers Ruin The Gig Economy!

California Lawmakers Could Ruin the Gig Economy if AB 5 is Signed into Law

6 more killed in Chicago this weekend! Where’s Sharpton?

6 killed, 28 wounded in Chicago weekend shootings

First amendment rights can lead to arrest!

LAWSUIT: Public college threatened to arrest conservatives exercising First Amendment rights

Dems ditch faith!

DNC resolution champions faithless, condemns faithful

University offers credit for solving Rubik’s Cube!

Berkeley offers credit for learning 'how to solve the Rubik's Cube,' applying tattoos

The wall IS working and MEXICO is paying!

Mexico announces 56 percent drop in number of migrants arriving at US border

Epstein Investigator dead!

MEDIA BLACKOUT! Detective Who Led Epstein Investigation Died After “Brief Illness” At 50

Toronto Chick-Fil-A’s first day protesters!

Chick-fil-A's Toronto opening stormed by protesters: 'Cluck off'

Fires globally are on the decrease – They lied again!

Forget The Amazon Hype, Fires Globally Have Declined 25% Since 2003 Thanks To Economic Growth

Video from outside Epstein’s cell found, viewed and is now unusable!

Wash Post Reports Video From Outside Epstein’s Cell Located & Reviewed, Now Officials Say It’s “Unusable” ~ illicit info

Dems EXPLODE at the use of the word GOD!

House Democrat Explodes On Liz Cheney For Defending God

China has solved more Poverty than any other country!

Sanders: China Has Done More to Solve Poverty Than ‘Any Country in the History of Civilization’

A NEW social credit system!

Uh-oh: Silicon Valley is building a Chinese-style social credit system

How many votes DID Google manipulate!

Trump: Google 'manipulated' up to 16 million votes in 2016 election to help HIllary Clinton

Global warning fake fact sheet!

A Short List Of Facts Global Warming Alarmists Don’t Want To Face

Student banned from school for LEGAL target practice video!

Loveland, CO Student Banned From School For Going Target Shooting With His Mom

Paying big money to setup Trump

Hillary Clinton backer paid $500G to fund women accusing Trump of sexual misconduct before Election Day, report says

We now have Fat-Phobia !

'Fat' is the new ‘f-word’ at this Ivy League University

Labor Day? or American Dream Day!

Most of you know today as Labor Day. What exactly is Labor Day? Sounds like a day to celebrate work, but it isn’t.

AOC ancient diseases coming!

Ocasio-Cortez warns that melting glaciers could release ancient diseases

Harvard has more money than most 3rd world nations!

Harvard is wealthier than more than HALF of the world’s countries

The Bible Stays!

“The Bible Stays!” Trump Admin Stands Up to Anti-Christian Bullies

No REAL US temperature change since 1930

It's official: No U.S. warming since at least 2005

A little RESPECT goes a long way!

I’m a black man wearing a hoodie and strapped. According to certain social movements, I shouldn’t be alive right now because the police are allegedly out to kill minorities.

SAT scores wont be tweaked for inner city kids

SAT spikes social justice-themed 'adversity scores'...kind of

Naked Bike riding is in!

Philly Naked Bike Ride 2019 rescheduled from September to August

OBAMA costing tax payers millions!

Obama’s the most expensive ex-president for taxpayers

NANCY condemn abortion or Quit the Church!

Priest Challenges Pelosi: Condemn Abortion or Quit the Catholic Church

DNC trying to steal election AGAIN!

020 Democrats fume at DNC over debate criteria crackdown

Should we afraid of changing values?

Our changing values should worry us !

Young people not interested in God or Country! WOW

Importance of patriotism, God, and children plummets among young people: Poll

Dad in trouble for asking babysitters gender!

Canadian single dad faces human rights complaint for asking about babysitter’s gender

Court Rules Electoral College stands!

Federal court undercuts progressive efforts to nullify Electoral College, rules electors can vote freely

Trade Wars – Markets Tank!

China announces it seeks 'calm' end to trade war, as markets tank and currency hits 11-year flatline

White Supremacy Isn’t What’s Harming Black America

Candace Owens: White Supremacy Isn't What's Harming Black America - 'It's Liberal Supremacy'

Trump is RIGHT on immigration!

I’m an immigrant — and Trump is right on immigration


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