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Earth Day predictions. Were they crystal ball or science-based? AND... CA Bill will make it illegal for an ADULT to seek sexual orientation conversion counseling. It's part of the Consumer Fraud Act because they claim gay conversion therapy is a total fraud and doesn't work.

FBI found data missing for years. Was it in a closet? AND... HOW many millennials don't even KNOW what the Holocaust was or how Hitler came into power? He was NOT a Conservative or a Christian, regardless of what your Liberal progressive professor is telling you!

Global warming-cooling-change is making a bad turn for the climate freaks. AND... Xander Gibb, host of X-RAD says, LGBT students say they won't give their GAY dollars to Chick-fil-A. Last I checked, no one was making you eat there. Isn't this still America?
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Why we are NOT running over to MeWe…

After 2 years of censorship, shadow bans, and periodically, steep OVERNIGHT declines in our Facebook traffic, I started seriously evaluating alternatives to Facebook earlier this year.

Comey’s book another NOTHING BURGER!

'No Bombshells': Wallace Says Comey's Book Doesn't 'Change the Equation' for Trump

Waters fighting White Supremacist? Where and When?

Hillary Praises Maxine Waters for Pushing Back on 'White Supremacist' Views From White House

Did our founding fathers really believe in natural law?

Natural Law: Our Founders were Trouble Makers

ANTI Sex Trafficking Bill was HARD to pass! UNREAL

Marc Thiessen: How Big Tech's fierce lobbying campaign against sex trafficking was defeated by Congress

Roseanne + Diamond and Silk + Unbeatable!

Roseanne Finds Out Facebook Is Censoring Diamond and Silk, Takes Matters Into Own Hands

Was the Holocaust REAL?

Holocaust Is Fading From Memory, Survey Finds

Trump Prays of White House Lawn… Oh Nooooooo!

Alabama football player has 1 request for Trump that leads to incredible photo

Eat hot chili get headaches!

Man who ate world's hottest chili is hospitalized with excruciating headaches

China Xi – blinks!

China's Xi promises to cut auto import tariff, warns against ‘Cold War’ mentality

Aide to gun-control Democrat faces serious firearms charges

Aide to gun-control Democrat faces serious firearms charges
Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook

Facebook stunting conservative growth AGAIN!

Report: Establishment Media Soaring on Facebook, Conservative Media in Decline Following Algorithm Change

Most Christians are Bible-Clueless!

Like Chrissy Teigen, most Christians are 'not good with the Bible'

Students – demand disarming of police

Howard students occupy admin building, demand disarming of police

Its Hillary’s fault!

Hillary Clinton, Former BFF Of Harvey Weinstein, Now Trying To Take Credit For The #MeToo Movement

Need academic credits – go to White Privilege conference!

Students earn credit for attending White Privilege Conference

Border Governors give thumbs up to MILITARY border security!

Most border-state governors back Trump's National Guard plan

FB says Breitbart News a FAKE NEWS site!

Facebook Labels All Breitbart Stories ‘Intentionally Misleading’ with Wikipedia Pop-Up


Did Mueller step over the line going after Trumps lawyer!

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