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May 2017

Swallowing balloons for weight loss! AND College Crazies!

May 18 @ 8:00 pm - 8:55 pm
Joe Messina, The Real Side

Apparently, now there is a balloon you can swallow to lose weight. AND... Food delivery app says 17 million personal records stolen. But don't worry, your info is still safe (sure it is!) AND... Miss USA just reversed course on her stance that healthcare was not a right. Was the backlash to much to bear? AND... Notre Dame president refuses to sign NCAA diversity pledge committing to a focus on "ethnic and racial diversity" in the hiring process. AND... Social Just WARRIORS used a crying child to make enough noise to disrupt a Board Meeting and breach the dais forcing the meeting to shutdown multiple times. This is intimidation, not protest. AND... College of the Holy Cross is considering changing it's mascot because they are called the Crusaders (since 1925). Erasing more history.

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Marrying myself? AND… Clock Boy LOSES!

May 19 @ 6:00 pm - 6:55 pm
Xander Gibb, Xandermonium

As if we need any more evidence of a world gone mad... the new fad... marrying myself. It's called sologamy. AND... Xander Gibb says schools shutting down Mother's Day because it isn't inclusive to LGBT families is ridiculous. AND... Clock Boy loses court case alleging discrimination! AND... Texas Judge isn't a U.S. citizen, so technically, she's not eligible to be a judge. But she's been issuing rulings for 2 years! Good grief! AND... Minnesota high school yearbook is an anti-Trump propaganda book! One student wanted to "behead" the President! And YES, they printed it!

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WTH are Spinners & Liberals acting like Communists

May 19 @ 7:00 pm - 7:55 pm
David Horowitz

Dr. Dave Anderson, specializing in ADHD, talks about fidget spinners. They are a toy not a treatment. AND... Author, David Horowitz says if your skin is dark enough, you go to the head of the line for school and jobs. In 1964 we outlawed preference based on race. The Democrats keep putting it back into effect. AND... David says his mother was a card-carrying Communist. She considered people who disagreed with her ideology as standing in the way of Paradise. What WOULDN'T you be willing to do to anyone who stood in your way to get there?

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Transracism & CA’s pro-abortion license plate

May 19 @ 8:00 pm - 8:55 pm
Joe Messina, The Real Side Radio Show

Why is a feminist philosophy journal publishing a paper on something that isn't even real? Transracism is NOT real. AND... This is sad... young people today have NO CLUE who fought in WW2! AND... Now CA is proposing a pro-abortion, pro-choice license plate saying "California Trusts Women". What?! You mean we were Saudi Arabia before that?

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POTUS redirects money to SAVE lives, not end them

May 22 @ 6:00 pm - 6:55 pm

California Democrat State Convention was led by their chairman to chant "f*** Trump" and hold up the middle finger. Great example their setting, right? AND... Dr. Alveda King says, the "Birth Control League" was too obvious. So they renamed it to Planned Parenthood to be deceptively received as a "help" for the black community. It is not a help when our children aren't given a chance to live. How can the dreams survive if the baby is murdered? AND... Political correctness has infiltrated the Seattle police department. Now, they can't even write the term “suspect” on reports. They have to write “community member.” And "inmates" are no longer "offenders", they're "students". AND... Is Alabama REALLY considering forced castration for sex offenders?

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College fees rise to pay for illegals! & Drug testing welfare recipients.

May 22 @ 7:00 pm - 7:55 pm
Kimberly Morin

College fees being hiked at certain colleges WHY? To offer free college and scholarships to ILLEGALS! AND...Kimberly Morin asks, why are we rewarding people who broke the law and penalizing people who are taking out loans to go college? AND... Gov. Moonbeam called people who are already overtaxed "freeloaders" for complaining about the thought of MORE taxes! AND... VP Pence was invited to speak at Notre Dame commencement address, and students started walking out! Why? AND... Dems are banking on the fact that they can fear monger enough people to their side. AND... They even want white women to remain defenseless if an attacker happens to be black, because all white women are VIOLENT!

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Democrats say Lieberman is TOOOO extreme! REALLY?

May 22 @ 8:00 pm - 8:55 pm
Joe Messina, The Real Side, STAND

Lieberman is an independent thinker and doesn't always vote with Dems, and in the New Dictionary of Democrat Terms, that makes you extreme! AND... College kids think illegals are getting dragged off campuses, but they can't cite an incidence of that happening. AND... Americans as a whole believe that drug testing in order to receive welfare is acceptable. Now they're questioning the logistics and validity of the process.

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Trump Calls ISIS losers and the Left goes nuts!

May 23 @ 6:00 pm - 6:55 pm
Joe Messina, The Real Side

After the Manchester suicide bomber, singer Katy Perry thinks we all just need to open up the borders and coexist. I'm tired of all these kumbaya moments with rich, Liberal entertainers telling everyone they just need to get along and love on everyone else. I don't think those ISIS folks want you to love on them! AND... President Trump calls ISIS "losers"! And the Left goes NUTS! Why? The UK has raised their threat level. Now they have soldiers walking the street. Politicians have NO idea how to negotiate. And Obama only knew how to surrender.

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REAL Conservative Heroes! We need more of them!

May 23 @ 7:00 pm - 7:55 pm
Karen Siegemund

What are you willing to give up to KEEP a free America? Are you willing to give up Disneyland? Target? Katy Perry? Our Founding Fathers gave up life, livelihood, property, and more. AND... Dr. Karen Siegemund with American Freedom Alliance, says Hollywood's vapid self-congratulatory awards shows stand in stark contrast to REAL heroes who protect our Constitutional right to free speech! Why is mainstream media bending over backwards to try to force some other narrative than what it really is... radical Islam! Fatwa's on Conservative speakers and artists aren't because they're lying. They are threatening to kill them because they don't like that they're speaking the truth. AND... Be THAT parent who grabs their kids' textbooks at the beginning of the year and KNOW what's in there so you can play an active role in their education.

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Live from Israel… The Trump Trip

May 23 @ 8:00 pm - 8:55 pm
David Weissman, Israel

If California keeps going the direction it's headed, the whole STATE is going to look lie Detroit! Now the governor is using OUR tax money to fund lawyers to help keep illegals in the state. AND... Activist and writer, David Weissman reports from Israel on Trump's Middle East tour. He says Israel isn't at war with Muslims. They're at war with extremists. Trump sent a huge message that the United States of America is standing by Israel and will be an ally without an agenda and allow Israel to govern themselves as they see fit. AND... Islamic radicals will not stop until they have killed every last one of us -- Christians, Jews, gay, straight.

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