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This Week! Warmbier's Murder! GOP needs to step up! Dems attack Scalise while still in hospital - COLD! Conservative in Hollywood? Good Luck?

GUESTS include: Kim Morin, David Bego, David Fischer, Dale Bellis, Our Mad Black Man from Baltimore, Xander Gibb, Sam Sorbo, Bradley Dean,  General Vallely and Many more...

Will you take a #STAND Will you #STAND up for freedom, #STAND for Liberty, #STAND up for America



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This book is about ALL those things we have been told to hate over the last 8 years. I take them on 1 by 1, White privilege, Microaggressions, multi genders, no genders and much much more. Joe gives you the ammunition you need to fight back on the left wing nonsense!
"Ramblings" takes an honest look at the issues of our day and calls them what they are, mixing in a little sarcasm (and sometimes a lot!) along the way. It's a light, easy read with relevant recent events.
If you're looking for political correctness, don't bother buying. Joe tackles everything from racism to religion, to media bias, to safe spaces, and, yes, even women's issues! If you're not supposed to talk about it in polite circles, you'll likely find it in this book. Sit back and enjoy the ride!
********************************************** Rick Green….Host of “WallBuilders Live w/David Barton"
Remember that iconic movie scene when Col. Nathan Jessop, played by Jack Nicholson, screamed “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH” from the witness stand in A Few Good Men? Well, we’re about to find out if you (yea, the one holding this book right now) can handle the truth. Because Joe Messina is about to fire truth at you faster than my BushMaster AR-15 can empty a 30 round magazine of .223 rounds.  Joe’s Boston raised penchant for just telling it like it is has still not been tempered by his years living in the people’s republic of California. And thank the good Lord for it! Every reader of this book will greatly benefit by the absolute absence of political correctness. 

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