Wednesday, March 29, 2017

More TAX dollars to kill American Jobs

Kurt Ho, 58, (L), a systems administrator at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) poses for a photo with some of the 49 IT workers laid off by UCSF, which has hired an Indian company to do their work, in San Francisco, California, U.S., February 28, 2017. REUTERS/Rory Carroll

What a slap to Americans and SF has no issue doing it. Californian bureaucrats seem to HATE Americans here is proof….

The University of California, San Francisco on Tuesday laid off 49 information technology (IT) employees and outsourced their work to a company based in India, ending a year-long process that has brought the public university under fire.

The university announced the plan last July as a way to save $30 million over five years. The University of California system, which includes health care and research-focused UCSF, has been struggling to raise revenue and cut expenses.

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REPUBLICAN Secretary of State suppresses Votes!


36,635 dead lose their right to vote in West Virginia. Republican Mac Warner has been West Virginia’s secretary of state for only 45 days, and already he has suppressed the votes of up to 36,635 dead people — in an act of zombiephobia that defies the logic and reason.

Where in the state constitution does it say that your right to vote Democratic ends when you die?

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U.S. weapons make al-Qaeda’s terror so much easier!

Cheri Berens, Tahrir al-Sham, al-Qaeda army, Syria
Cheri Berens, Tahrir al-Sham, al-Qaeda army, Syria

Tahrir al-Sham posted these photos on their social media Friday, Mar. 3, bragging that they have U.S. anti-tank missiles and other weapons, of which they used against Aleppo today, trying to regain territory that they lost in December.

Cheri Berens, Tahrir al-Sham, al-Qaeda army, Syria
Cheri Berens, Tahrir al-Sham, al-Qaeda army, Syria

Tahrir al-Sham is a coalition of al-Qaeda affiliates who merged under one unified army of al-Qaeda leadership a couple of months ago.

The al-Qaeda army in Syria is extremely large now, and thanks to U.S. weapons, they are able to take territory and target civilians more easily.

Tahrir al-Sham means ‘liberation of sham’. The ‘liberation’ means liberating Sham from man-made government and laws, and replacing it with Islamic Laws. Sham means ‘Levant’, which is roughly the territory of Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel (before the borders were created).

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Why did John McCain ILLEGALLY enter Syria last week?

John McCain, ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, Syria
John McCain, ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, Syria

On February 17th, John McCain was in Germany at the Munich Conference. He gave interviews with the press, insinuating that President Trump was dictator-like and hindering the free press. The media then ran with the false ‘dictator’ story for days, and ignored the fact that immediately following McCain’s “dictator” comment, he made an illegal trip into Syria.

Was McCain’s dictator comment purposeful, to veer the media away from his illegal trip to Syria?

Every time McCain has made a trip to Libya or Syria he has always met with members of Muslim Brotherhood or al-Qaeda (most of whom later became members of ISIS).

One must wonder, has our Intelligence become so incompetent that they don’t know who is who in the terrorist world? Or was McCain a purposeful means of spreading deception, and thereby promoting the expansion of the Islamist Agenda in Libya, Egypt and Syria?

I can remember in 2011 watching the news on Egyptian TV. There on our TV screen was John McCain in Libya. Video showed him smiling for the cameras with well-known Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda members. I remember my husband and I gasping in disbelief and my husband saying to me: “Why is he with the Muslim Brotherhood?”

Good question.

But an even better question is, why is McCain always with group leaders whose sole purpose and goals have been the enforcement of Islamic Law in Libya, Egypt and Syria?

If it was apparent to all of us regular folk here in Egypt, why didn’t U.S. Intel know who these people were? Or did they know–and McCain is part of this deception?

I don’t know the answer to that, but I do know that the people McCain has met with in Libya and in Syria are known terrorists who enforce Islamic Law on people who do not want to be governed by Islamic Law. These people McCain supports openly declared in 2011 that they wanted Islamic Law enforced in Egypt, Libya, Iraq and Syria. They were not for “democracy”.

Wouldn’t McCain have known that? Everyone in the region knew, where was U.S. Intel?

In May of 2013, McCain showed up again on our TV news. This time with members of the Islamist group who were responsible for kidnapping eleven people in Azaz, Syria and who handed the victims over to al-Qaeda in Syria (known as al-Nusra). These people McCain met with were also responsible for kidnapping Steven Sotloff and who handed him over to ISIS, who then beheaded Sotloff.

The group who conducted the kidnappings, the “Northern Storm” brigade, was a brigade of the “Free Syrian Army”.

When the “Free Syrian Army” was created in 2011, it started with two brigades: the Farouq and the ibn Walid. The ibn Walid was funded and armed by the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. The Farouq was funded and armed by Saudi Arabia and its members were al-Qaeda. The Farouq brigade often joined forces with al-Qaeda in Syria (aka al-Nusra) to massacre minority groups.

Towards the end of 2011, an additional brigade was formed, the Northern Storm. It controlled northwest Syria and its headquarters was in Azaz, near the Turkish border.

McCain’s meeting with the Free Syrian Army’s Northern Storm brigade in 2013 was videotaped and showed McCain with Abu Ibrahim and Muhammad Nur. After forming the brigade in 2011, Abu Ibrahim ordered his jihadists to dig a giant pit in the ground, and he used the pit as a prison for anyone opposing the Free Syrian Army’s goals or opposing Islamic Law. Abu Ibrahim also immediately formed an Islamic Law courtroom in which became the government for northwestern Syria.

The hospital in Azaz, where Northern Storm had its headquarters, had just been renovated and supplied with the latest medical equipment at a cost of more than one billion Syrian pounds. Abu Ibrahim captured the hospital, looted it and sold all of the equipment to buy weapons. All of the doctors were put in the pit.

These are the men McCain met with.

By the end of August 2012, the Free Syrian Army had its own “mini state” in northwestern Syria after capturing most of the towns in the region. The Northern Storm brigade targeted Alewite villages–massacring entire villages. By murdering civilians and capturing their towns, they were able to take control of the Border Crossing at Bab al-Salam. From that point on, in 2012, the Free Syrian Army only allowed journalists, politicians and financiers into Syria who were supportive of taking down the current government and replacing it with an Islamic one.

McCain crossed illegally into Syria in 2013 at Bab al-Salam, which was controlled by the Free Syrian Army. There, at their Azaz headquarters, McCain met with Abu Ibrahim, the man who placed people into a pit and where he ran the region by Islamic Law. McCain also met with Muhammed Nur, chief press spokesman for the brigade (Nur later became the Islamic State’s press agent).

You would think that U.S. Intel would have known what was going on in northwestern Syria: the massacres, the kidnappings, and even the giant pit. We did. Newspapers and television networks in the region reported the atrocities, complete with videos and witness testimony.

Tens of thousands of foreign Islamist mercenaries, who came from many different countries, were funneled into Syria via the border crossing at Bab al-Salam. And then later, in 2015, enormous numbers of Islamist fighters left Syria as “refugees” from Bab al-Salam. Ferry boats and giant ships, normally used for Hajj, were used to transport the first massive waves of “refugees” to Greece from Turkey and to parts of mainland Europe.

How is it that these ships were ready and waiting for the “refugees”?

The “refugees” were then shuffled onto trains and buses, which were also organized and waiting, and which took the “refugees” into Germany, France and elsewhere into Europe. Who paid for those ships, trains and buses, and who organized this enormous movement of refugees?

And who did they let “out” of Syria at the Bab al-Salam border crossing? Christians? or the other persecuted minority groups, such as Alewites, who were being massacred by the people McCain was meeting with? No, only radicalized Muslims were being allowed to cross the border out of Syria as “refugees”.

By 2012, the “Free Syrian Army” had already conducted several kidnapping and major massacres of Christians and Alewites.

In 2013, right before McCain’s visit, the (real) Syrian Army was winning the battle against the Islamist takeover. In order to reverse this, the Free Syrian Army and al-Qaeda in Syria (aka al-Nusra) needed an “intervention” by the West that would assist their armies.

The Free Syrian Army’s Farouq brigade had members who produced dramatized “docu-drama” videos for the television networks of Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The propaganda videos they produced are often used by Western media. They were the ones behind the August 2013 false claims of chemical weapons.

Remember the photos of children allegedly dead from the use of chemicals? These children were dead, but not from chemicals. They were Alewite children who were killed in villages in northwestern Syria. The bodies of the murdered children were moved to the suburb of Damascus where the chemical attacks allegedly occurred and their bodies were filmed by the Free Syrian Army members who specialize in producing propaganda films for Qatar and Saudi Arabia. These faked films were used to rally support for western “intervention”.

McCain met with and supported the very group who killed those children.

The same group that created the faked videos of the children became the White Helmets, the largest anti-Syria propaganda campaign to date, and which is funded by George Soros, the U.S. State Department, and Muslim Brotherhood organizations in the UK and U.S.

Days after McCain’s visit to Syria in May of 2013, McCain appeared on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360”. McCain said that he was confident the United States can send weapons to fighters in Syria without the risk they will fall into the wrong hands. McCain also said: “We can identify who these people are. We can help the right people.”

Did McCain identify the right people?

Three months after McCain’s meeting with the Free Syrian Army’s Northern Storm brigade, Northern Storm kidnapped journalist Steven Sotloff and sold him to the Islamic State. The Islamic State beheaded Steven Sotloff.

Steven Sotloff had reported in Time Magazine that al-Qaeda fighters from Libya were gathering in large numbers and moving to Syria and were shipping arms from Libya to Syria to arm the al-Qaeda groups in Syria.

In 2011, McCain met with Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda members who created the Free Syrian Army and who conducted massacres on Christian villages and who massacred Alewite children in northern Syria.

McCain has met with al-Qaeda members who became the Islamic State’s Caliph, abu Bakr al-Baghadid, and the Islamic State’s chief press agent, Muhammad Nur. McCain met with the vicious terrorist abu Ibrahim who enforced Islamic Law in northwest Syria, threw people in pits, and who controlled the Syrian-Turkish border at Bab al-Salam.

Who promotes the propaganda McCain spews? Who defends McCain’s meetings with Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda, Free Syrian Army and ISIS?

  • CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Who spreads fake news stories against Trump?

  • CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post.

McCain illegally entered Syria yet again on February 23, 2017, right after first planting the seeds of propaganda against Trump, making him out to be a dictator and disabler of the press.

When Donald Trump was elected president in November, Russia gave orders for its advisers in Syria to draw up maps of exactly where ISIS is located. Many of the locations are in civilian areas, so it is important to have well-defined maps of ISIS locations.

Russia has been successfully conducting air strikes on ISIS training camps, weapons stockpiles and hideouts. They know where ISIS is. There would be nothing wrong with ‘talking’ to Russia regarding the fight against ISIS.

McCain has been one of the biggest promoters of the “Russia propaganda” campaign against Trump; thereby hindering Trump from ‘talking’ to Russia.

McCain has also made statements that Russia is committing war crimes in Syria. Russia has not committed war crimes in Syria. If it wasn’t for Russia fighting ISIS and al-Qaeda, Syria would have fallen and would now be governed by Islamic Law. But it is McCain that has been a true supporter of, and has met with, members of al-Qaeda and ISIS in Syria.

Is McCain participating in a propaganda ploy to prevent the Trump administration from talking to Russia to join forces to wipe out ISIS? Don’t forget, the Islamic State’s headquarters is not in Mosul, it is in Raqqa, Syria.

See full article with resource links at CheriBerens

Democrats, Fake News media CNN & MSNBC. Enough already! GROW UP!

Trump, Obama, Media Bias, Hypocrisy, Press
Trump, Obama, Media Bias, Hypocrisy, Press

To the United States Democrat party and to Fake News media i.e.: CNN, MSNBC and others… Enough already!  It is time to get it together and do the jobs you are paid to do.  I have had it up to HERE with you people trying to find any little thing to hold against President Trump.

I proudly served the United States Army for over 13 years with the majority of my service under the leadership of President Barack Obama.  I can tell you openly how much I hate the man, and think he was the worst President in the history of the United States.  But I was an adult. I served honorably under his command, or lack thereof, with 2 tours of duty to Afghanistan under my belt.  Democrats, grow up!

There is so much going on in the world that you are intentionally keeping away from the public.  Besides the obvious war on radical Islam, the Democrats and fake news focused on a picture of Kellyanne Connway taking a picture on her knees. Then, like children, made nothing into something and turned it into the most ignorant rants I have ever seen.

Of course, since you do not broadcast real news, people talk about this issue, rather than the fact that a Palestinian terrorist who murdered 2 Israelis is taking the lead and organizing the next women’s march, which is nothing more than an anti-Trump march.

Now you all are trying to oust President’s Trump Attorney General pick, Jeff Sessions, with a Russian conspiracy.  More and more you are losing credibility.  Where was all this outcry when Obama gave billions of dollars and eased sanctions on a nuclear Iran deal?  Billions of dollars going to a regime who calls for your death. Where was the outcry when Hillary sent money to Russia amid the uranium deal?  Enough double standards.

Besides, if you truly want to see the Trump-Putin connection/conspiracy here it is. Yes it is me.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was the audacity that Democrats who attended President Trump’s speech had when they did not properly honor the wife of a fallen hero.  How dare you call yourselves We the People! You came into Trump’s address dressed in all white, but I noticed you forgot your hoods.  I am ashamed you all are American government officials.  At least the Left-wing liberals in Israel honor the military.  I am disgusted by your behavior, along with the fact that your new DNC Chair Perez threatened President Trump with the words, “I am your worst nightmare”.

Get your act together. Stop acting like an enemy of America and work with President Trump together to make the country of my birthplace great again.

Political cartoon courtesy AF Branco at ComicallyIncorrect

Bashing Trump is Liberal Sport

Trump, Media Bias, political cartoon
Trump, Media Bias, political cartoon

Another speech, another opportunity for the Democrats and Liberal media to bash Trump. This time it’s not as easy. That was the most unifying, all-American speech we’ve heard in 8 years! So instead of bashing substance, they label the speech as “bait and switch” and “rhetoric.” They just have to keep sowing seeds of hate. Why can’t they just say “that would be great”? Even better… they could just keep quiet.

Cartoon by A.F. Branco at ComicallyIncorrect

University students accuse each other of bias speech

Silence, Free Speech, 1st Amendment
Silence, Free Speech, 1st Amendment

Universities are places that encourage critical thinking and healthy discussions which allow students to talk freely about different ideas and ideologies. However, many campuses around the country are asking their students, faculty, and staff to report one another, for bias speech, whether it is protected by the First Amendment or not.

Adam Steinbaugh, investigative reporter for the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), researched dozens of schools and more that 230 reports to their “Bias Response Teams”.

He described that many universities have expanded their definition of “bias” to include speech that offends anyone.

For example, at Appalachian State University, students reported fellow classmates for both pro-Trump, considered “hate speech”, and anti-Trump messages, labeled unlawful “politically biased slander.”


Students at Ohio State University reported each other for comparing Hillary Clinton to Hitler, students at Texas Tech were whispering to administrators that the Black Student Union’s tweets in support of the Black Lives Matter movement offended them.

Those students or faculty accused of bias speech are usually “educated about how their words upset someone” by an administrator part of their “Bias Response Team”.

One professor at the University of Northern Colorado, who encouraged a discussion about transgender rights among his students:

[was] warned … that discussing such issues might result in lengthy investigations.

One of the freedoms that characterizes the US is that people can express themselves freely without interference or constraint. Unfortunately, students and faculty members are facing trouble expressing their ideas on their campuses, a place meant to promote healthy discussions and free exchange of ideas. Now… how do we fix this?

Read full article at The Washington Examiner

Read the full report and more reported incidents at The FIRE

Teacher’s homework is anti-Trump indoctrination

Anti-Trump Homework Assignment, video still
Anti-Trump Homework Assignment, video still

Elementary school teachers play a key role in children’s development by providing their students basic knowledge to apply to their lives. However, some teachers try to influence children with their own beliefs which, as expected, upsets some parents. Mr. Vincent Ungro, a father from Staten Island, NY complained through social media about his 11-year-old daughter’s Anti-Trump assignment.

A sentence from the vocabulary assignment read:

“President Trump speaks in a very superior and (blank) manner insulting many people. He needs to be more (blank) so that the American people respect and admire him”

Ungro encouraged his daughter not to answer and wrote on the bottom of the worksheet a small note to the teacher:

“Please keep your political views to yourself and do not try to influence my children on them, Thank you”

After the picture of the question became popular online, the teacher received a red flag in her file.

In an interview with Fox, Ungro expressed that, even though this it is already a closed case, it is important for parents to be:

“More diligent into what the schools might be teaching the students”

He added that:

“When someone is doing something that’s unethical, as what this teacher did, or other things, … that disparage this country, we should stand up for it”

“It was unfortunately that some other people didn’t step up, besides me”

What do you think? Is Mr. Ungro exaggerating or it is OK for teachers to influence students with their personal political views? Is this not education bias?

Watch the full video at Fox News

Thank You President Trump! From an American Jew in Israel


The time difference in Israel being 7-10 hours ahead, depending on where you live in America, I watched your speech at a later time, not live.  I want to say THANK YOU, for condemning anti-Semitism first and foremost in your speech.

Anti-Semitism has been on the rise over the past 8 years, not the past 8 months.   It has been happening particularly in college campuses, with graffiti in Synagogues and other Jewish facilities.  Even BDS has been encouraging performers and celebrities not to come to Israel.  This is why I agree with your statement that fake news is a danger and the enemy to the American people.

For example, everyone is freaking out about the photo of your spokesperson, Kellyanne Conway. She took a picture of everyone in a meeting at the Oval Office and just happened to be on her knees… and people flipped out.  Yet there is no outrage or questions being asked about the convicted Palestinian terrorist, who took part in killing 2 Israelis, who is taking charge of organizing the next women’s march.

Ok, no more negativity, because with this article I want to show you how appreciative I am, especially being an American Jew in Israel, that you openly and without regret condemn anti-Semitism.  I have not heard Obama, nor even Bush condemn these hate crimes.

All the campaigning I did for you, whether on the ground to Americans in Israel or online in social media formats, I want to say, it was worth it. I do also want to make it clear that I respect how you make America your priority.  This should be any American President’s priority. It’s not your responsibility to make Israel (or any other country) a priority.  We have our own leaders who should help our country be great.

I appreciate the fight for Americans that you and Vice President Pence are showing. And I will continue to fight for you and America in the best way I can.

Again from the bottom of my heart, thank you President Donald Trump, MY President.

OFA is not grassroots, it’s AstroTurf!

Tea Party v. OFA, NOT grassroots
Tea Party v. OFA, NOT grassroots

The Left-stream media tries to convince us that Obama’s political action group, Organizing for America (OFA) (formerly Obama for America!), is an organic grassroots effort like the Tea Party was in 2009. But, to coin Nancy Pelosi’s phrase, they’re AstroTurf. Check their funding sources…

Cartoon by A.F. Branco at Comically Incorrect

Is the mainstream media an enemy?

Trump, Media War, Enemy of the People
Trump, Media War, Enemy of the People

Last weekend, President Trump one more time denounced the role of the Left-biased mainstream media labeling it an “enemy of the people” that affects Americans with its fake news. As expected, many reporters and news anchors disagree with the President’s statement. But is the mainstream media really biased?

Journalist and author Carl Bernstein told CNN, for example, that Trump’s attacks on the press are “treacherous” and even added that:

“There’s a history of what ‘enemy of the people’ … means as used by dictators and authoritarians, including Stalin, including Hitler. And I’m not about to say anything about comparing Hitler and Trump, but it’s a demagogue’s statement.”

Reporter Jonathan Karl also expressed his rejection of Trump’s label:

“As long as American democracy remains healthy, there will be reporters willing to pursue the truth … A free press isn’t the enemy of America, it’s a big part of what makes America great.”

Of course, the media should be always free and unbiased when delivering true information to people. Even though the mainstream media complains that the President is falsely accusing it of partiality, the press has clearly shown favoritism toward the Left.

As FoxNews host Sean Hannity mentioned on his show, during the presidential campaign WikiLeaks revealed that Democrats received “special treatment” from the press.

“Remember how WikiLeaks exposed the rampant, rampant collusion between the press and the Clinton campaign? Allowing Democratic Party officials to edit their stories and giving Hillary Clinton debate questions in advance?”

Contrary to what is expected of the press, it supported one candidate over another putting the veracity of its news to the test.

As Hannity added, it seemed that:

“They had a literal stake in the election … These left-wing news outlets thought they’d be able to stop Donald Trump from becoming president”

It is true that the presence of a free press is essential for the health of states, as Karl said. Unfortunately, however, being able to find out about what is really happening from the mainstream media without bias is becoming hard. Maybe the President is not exaggerating when he considers certain news outlets enemies.

Read Sean Hannity’s full article at Fox News.

Political cartoon courtesy A.F. Branco at Comically Incorrect

California just LOVES to break laws!

Shot of a young police officer talking on the phone at a police station

University of California administrators are urging students and faculty to contact campus police if government officials ask for information about immigration status. Obstruction of justice comes with a fine and jail time. Will the admins take your place?

In response to two memorandum issued Tuesday by Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly outlining his department’s enforcement of President Donald Trump’s executive orders on immigration, California State University (CSU) Chancellor Timothy White responded with his own memo to the school community Wednesday reiterating his commitment to “sanctuary campus” policies forbidding cooperation with immigration enforcement and deportation efforts.

Read the rest at BreakingTheLaw

Steroids not allowed in HS sports – UNLESS!


Take almost any high school sport. The Rule is no drug enhancement use, Steroids are used mostly to strengthen and quicken muscle development and are banned, well most of the times unless your a transgender boy!

Over the weekend, a 17-year-old transgender boy won the Texas high school girls’ wrestling championship.

If you find that confusing, then you’ve got plenty of company.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Mack Beggs won the title on Saturday to finish off a perfect 56-0 season in the 110-lb high school girls’ division.

Read the rest at: CONFUSED

Things you won’t see at CPAC…

CPAC 2017, Blacks for Trump 2020
CPAC 2017, Blacks for Trump 2020

CPAC… the Conservative Political Action Conference the annual convention where all those prickly Conservatives (code for Republicans, right?) get together to stir up all their Alt-Right hate and indoctrinate the next generation into a new level of hate.

Of course, you can expect to see lots of Bible-thumping, woman-oppressing, white supremacist, middle-aged men, right?

Definitely DO NOT expect to see… Gays for Guns

CPAC 2017, Gays for Guns, Log Cabin Republicans
CPAC 2017, Gays for Guns, Log Cabin Republicans

And DO NOT expect to see… Atheists

CPAC, Atheist Voter
CPAC, Atheist Voter

And you ABSOLUTELY WON’T see Blacks for Trump

CPAC 2017, Blacks for Trump 2020
CPAC 2017, Blacks for Trump 2020

Oh wait… nevermind! All those people were there, and MORE!

When you hear the Liberal media repeating the lie that Conservatives are all straight, Bible-thumping, white guys… just show them these photos from CPAC 2017. Thank God for diversity of color and thought. And true tolerance, where people from all walks of life come together for the good of our nation!

Why do American Jews keep voting Democrat?

Israelites Worship the Golden Calf
Israelites Worship the Golden Calf

I have analyzed and studied one of the most unknown mysteries of the universe.  Why a majority of American Jews vote Democrat.

Israel and the security of the Jewish people should not be a partisan issue but in the past few Presidential elections it has.  I have narrowed it down to a few possibilities that can explain such a mystery, especially given how the Democratic Party has obviously evolved into a party that endangers Jews in America and Israel.

One of the first ideas that came to mind is that our people are a very stubborn bunch.  We can go back to the beginning of our history to see how stubborn we are.  Our own people were fortunate enough to see God’s miracles firsthand, even witnessing the awesome revelation at Mt. Sinai. Then, because of impatience, they began to worship a golden calf.  Now in modern days, Democratic officials welcomed the “Arab Spring” and radical Islam, yet the stubbornness of today’s American Jew will continue to vote Democrat.  After seeing everything firsthand, our people still vote with the anti-Semitic party. Just like our ancestors worshiped the golden calf.

Another area I have observed is a very touchy subject is that of the Holocaust.  Many Jews today have relatives who were murdered in the Holocaust and are afraid or confused about who to trust.  The majority have immigrated to populated Liberal cities. To feel safe, they assimilate into the cultural utopia of Liberalism.  They forget where they came from, including Jewish values and tradition.

The final observation is the majority of Christians from other countries who try to convert the Jewish people in Israel are reported down the line to Synagogues and to other Jewish organizations. The sad part about this is, as a result Israeli Jews have a hard time trusting American Christians.  Most American Christians respect and understand Jewish teachings and values and for the most part are very similar with a few theological differences.  But the trust from Jews is not there. So they align themselves again with the utopia of Liberalism where they have been lied to that Liberalism “tolerates” all religions.

In conclusion, I believe it is stubbornness, fear, and a lack of trust that causes the majority of Jews to vote Democrat.

Egyptian Christians are running scared… you would be too!

Coptic Christians, Egypt
Coptic Christians, Egypt

February 24, 2017

The photo is an old photo from about four years ago. It is of a Christian woman in Syria who was tortured and killed by Islamists.

The photo appeared on Egyptian social media yesterday, Feb. 23rd. (WARNING! It’s graphic! You can see the photo on CheriBerens.) Someone placed words in Arabic onto the photo, which translates:

“Slaughter a Coptic (Christian) woman at dawn on Friday 24 of February 2017 after first slaughtering her father.”

It is speculated that it was Muslim Brotherhood who posted this, because they do this type of thing often, but it doesn’t really matter who posted it, or whether it was photo-shopped or not. The message to Egypt’s Christians was clear. And it spread like wildfire.

I posted an article yesterday titled, “Latest ISIS video: Kill all the Kufar”. In the article I described a 65-year old Egyptian Christian man who was shot and killed by ISIS, and his 45-year old son, who was set on fire and burned to death (slowly and horrifically).

Because of this double murder, the video threat from ISIS that was released February 20, targeting Egyptian Christians, and the instructions to kill Coptic women and their fathers on social media yesterday, Christians have been evacuating the city in which the two most recent murders occurred.

These Christians are now homeless and trying to find shelter and food.

Their homes and their businesses are now left abandoned.

My gut feeling is that they will lose their homes, their businesses, and their possessions, to the vulture Muslims in the area (some of whom support ISIS).

I have reported on the massacres and atrocities committed on Syrian Christians for six years. No one knows better than me that western media has purposefully ignored the massacres and atrocities. Most of the massacres were done by Obama’s pals, the “Free Syrian Army”, so of course, the massacres went unreported.

For those who don’t know, the “Free Syrian Army” originally consisted of two brigades of Egyptian and Syrian Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda members. As the months went by, Islamists were recruited from more than 80 different countries to join the fight for Islam.

In 2011, the Muslim Brotherhood erupted out of the so-called “Arab Spring” (it was actually an Islamist Spring). They wanted Islamic Law enforced in Egypt, so they overthrew the government. They almost succeeded in achieving their goal of imposing Islamic Law, but they were overthrown in 2013.

The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood had the same goal, and recruited al-Qeada in Iraq to help out in Syria. So far, Syria has been able to hold out. That’s because the Syrian people are the army and they are fighting the Islamic takeover with all their might.

During the first two years, from 2011-2013, the “Free Syrian Army” mostly targeted Christian towns–soft targets–where they could quickly take vast amounts of territory.

But western media didn’t tell you any of these facts.

Around 50,000 Syrian Christians ran for their lives in 2012 as their towns were captured by al-Qaeda and the Free Syrian Army. Where did those Christians go? To government protected areas. But western news didn’t tell you that, either.

Christians went to areas where the Syrian Army protected them. But they had to leave their homes and their businesses and remain displaced until their towns could be liberated from the terrorists.

For six long years, as I reported the truth about Syria, I’ve felt great frustration that western media only promoted the “Islamist Agenda” and never reported the slaughter of Christians.

Now, I fear the same thing is beginning to happen in Egypt.

In 2013, the Egyptian people took down the Muslim Brotherhood. It was a long, hard battle, and many died in the fight. But afterwards, we here had such great hope. But I have come to realize that once the seed of Islamic Supremacy has taken hold — those seeds quickly propagate.

You would have thought that the Egyptian people (the Muslims) would have never allowed the Islamists (whether Brotherhood, Salafists or ISIS) to ever begin killing again in Egypt. But here we are.

It’s a two-part problem.

Cairo’s al-Azhar, Sunni Islam’s highest authority, refuses to condemn ISIS because ISIS is doing everything according to Islamic Doctrine. ISIS is following the Quran’s instructions to a tee, and are following the exact behavior of Muhammad — who is considered the “ideal” Muslim that all men are to emulate and use as a role model.

Islam’s highest authorities are silent and thereby are condoning Islamist behavior. The second part of the problem, and why the Islamist behavior will never end, are the mosques.

My husband and I have a corner apartment. Next door to our kitchen is a mosque. And next door to our spare bedroom is a mosque. We get blasted by loudspeakers from two mosques five times a day. And on Fridays, the volume is cranked up even louder for the “sermon”. I hear what the imams say. I hear the Quran verses they use.

Quran 3:28
Let not the Believers (Muslims)
Take unbelievers for friends, nor for helpers (employees, etc).

Quran 4:101
The unbelievers are your enemies …

Quran 5:80-81
[and Allah said]
People of the Book! (Christians)
Do not exceed your boundaries!
Exceed not in your religion the bounds of what is dictated.

“Boundaries” also means restrictions. According to Islam, only Muslims have rights; all others are restricted. Christians are allowed to live only if they pay the jizya tax. Regarding not “exceeding in your religion”: Christians are not allowed to build churches or meet to pray.

Quran 5:83
Those who turn in friendship to the unbelievers (Christians),
Will result in Allah’s wrath on them;
And they will burn in hell.

Quran 8:39
And fight them until there is no more fitna (they must convert to Islam or die; there must be no more unbelievers);
And then there will be justice and faith in Allah throughout the world.

This verse is saying that Muslims must fight until there are none left who are unbelievers. Then only Muslims will be left everywhere (throughout the world).

Quran 8:57
If ye gain mastery over the unbelievers in war;
Deal with those who follow them,
So as to strike fear in those who are left behind,
And that they will remember.

When we see the atrocities committed on Christians in Syria: beheadings, crucifixions, hands and feet cut off, to name just a few (the woman in the photo had her breasts cut off); this is the strategy in the verse just mentioned. That the unbelievers who remain alive “will remember”.

Christians in countries with a Muslim majority are very afraid. The photo that went viral in Egypt yesterday is an example of what will be done to them. The 45-year old man who was set on fire is an example of what will be done to them.

The Christians that were terrorized into leaving their homes are homeless and afraid.

And what about the businesses they left behind? How are they going to provide food for their families?

I think about all of the Syrian Christians who should have been allowed into America as “refugees”, and instead only Muslims were allowed in. Tens of thousands of Muslims were allowed into America during the Obama Regime and those Muslims will go to mosque and listen to the Quran. They will be fertilized with hate and instructed not to befriend you or hire you and only to fight you.

One day YOUR lives will be in jeopardy. And don’t be naive enough to think your guns will save you. Because your immediate situation will not place you in a position where you can just go out and kill. Many hundreds of events will take place first before you will be able to raise your guns. Trust me. There will be protests, riots, violence in the streets. And at first you will just watch it on TV like we did here in Egypt when the Muslim Brotherhood were running amuck.

You will be caught off guard because that is their key strategy above all others. That is the sole purpose of suicide bombings–mass casualties at markets, malls, schoolyards and bus stops. In Syria they targeted school bus stops and universities. Your media didn’t tell you that, either.

And your guns will not protect your wives and daughters from being raped when they are on their way to work or school, distracted with their cell phones or texting.

I will leave you with two Quran verses to ponder:

Rouse the believers (Muslims) to fight.
If there are twenty of you,
Conquer two hundred unbelievers;
If a hundred are among you,
Conquer one thousand.
… besiege and ambush them.
Use every strategy of war.
Quran 8:65 and 9:5

See the photo and an additional video at CheriBerens.

Latest ISIS threat: Egyptian Christians are “our favorite prey” (VIDEO)

ISIS, Egypt, Islam, Christian
ISIS, Egypt, Islam, Christian

On February 20, 2017, ISIS released a new video urging their followers to terrorize and slaughter Christians in Egypt. The 20-minute video was titled “Kill all the Kuffar” (kuffar means infidel, or non-Muslim).

Also in the video, one of the jihadists says: “Allah gave orders to kill every infidel”.

ISIS described Egyptian Christians as their “favorite prey.” There were also photos of the suicide bomber who conducted the church attack in Cairo on December 11, 2016.

The ISIS video also included clips of the Egyptian Christian pope and other prominent Christian leaders and businessmen who have been outspoken about protecting the Christians in Egypt. But according to the narrator of the ISIS video, “Christians are not deserving of protection because they are infidels”.

The narrator in the ISIS video says the Cairo church attack in December was “just the beginning”. ISIS accused Egyptian Christians of insulting Islam, and said ISIS will be carrying out more attacks against them. Two days after this video was aired on social media, ISIS killed two Christians in al-Arish.

Saad Hana, 65, was shot and killed, and his son Medhat, 45, was burned alive.

Authorities in Egypt examined the video carefully and concluded that: “The most prominent observation in the ISIS video is the absence of the name Islamic State in “Sinai Province” and that it instead used “Islamic State in Egypt”. This gives the impression that the Islamic State’s “Sinai Province” operations now exceed the Sinai and have reached Cairo, especially following the Cairo Church attack.”

One jihadist in the ISIS video, who calls himself Abdullah al-Masri (Abdullah the Egyptian) says: “Oh worshipers of the cross (Christians) the soldiers of the Islamic State are watching you.”

Abdullah al-Masri urged jihadists in different parts of the world to help liberate detained Muslims in Egypt [meaning Muslim Brotherhood members and other terrorists that are currently in prison in Egypt].

Authorities in Egypt believe that the video aims to create sectarian strife between Egyptian Muslims and Christians.

Though sectarian strife in Egypt has always existed, it has been escalating, starting in 2011 when the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists began taking control of the country and implementing the ideology of the Quran and the teachings of Muhammad.

In December of 2015, Egyptian president Abdel al-Fattah al-Sisi went to al-Azhar University and asked its top instructors to reform their teachings. But al-Azhar dismissed Sisi’s plea.

Sheik Ahmed al-Tayeeb, Egypt’s highest Muslim authority and Grand Mufti of al-Azhar University, the Muslim world’s most prestigious Islamic University in Sunni Islam, was recently interviewed on Egyptians TV.  Tayeeb said: “Al-Azhar doesn’t change religious discourse — al-Azhar proclaims the true religious discourse, which we learned from our elders”.

By “elders”, Tayeeb is referring to Islamic literature written during the Medieval era.

Tayeeb defended al Azhar’s heavy reliance on books written over a thousand years ago—during a period of insidious cruelty and violence conducted by Muslims against Christians.

Islamic reformers are trying to eliminate teachings from these Medieval books because they teach the most violent ideology of Islam—including killing apostates, burning infidels, and persecuting and torturing Christians and other non-Muslims.

Also according to these Medieval teachings, Christians are not permitted to build churches, must not complain or ask for equal rights, and must be grateful for being allowed to live.

Last month, on January 3, 2017, a Muslim man snuck up behind a Christian shopkeeper and slit his throat. The Christian made it into his shop where he collapsed and bled to death. A surveillance video captured the moment of the attack.

The victim was Lamei Yousef. His brother said: “The killing of my brother was planned because the killer visited the shop many times before committing the crime and knew that my brother used to sit at that spot [in front of his shop].”

He said Lamei was well-known as a peaceful man who even agreed to close his shop for the entire month of Ramadan so as not to offend his neighbors. He even closed his shop during the five daily prayers.

Lamei’s brother said: “He obeyed them to prevent any kind of trouble.”

Lamei’s son, Tony, was inside the shop when his father was killed: “He was slain in front of my sight. I’m sad that we live in a country that doesn’t have security and safety. He was my father, friend, everything sweet in my life.”

Every few weeks, major attacks on Christians occur, usually due to a rumor that Christians are trying to build a church or are meeting at some place to pray.

In southern Egypt, where there are large Christian villages, mobs of Muslims often attack a village, smashing and burning Christian businesses, homes and other property, and beating Christians in the street.

Last summer in Minya, Muslims, including women and children, shouted “Allahu Akbar!” and “We’ll burn the church, we’ll burn the church.”  The police were called, but did nothing. They stood by while the Muslim mob set Christian homes and vehicles on fire. The Muslims then performed the afternoon prayer outside Christian homes that they had not destroyed — with loudspeakers pointed at their doors.

Also in Minya, last May, a 70-year old Christian woman was stripped naked, spit on, beaten and kicked all over her body, and dragged in the streets as mobs of Muslims cheered them on yelling “Allahu Akbar”.

There have been other attacks on Christians in Egypt, almost daily, but these were the most notable because of their insidious nature.

February 16, 2017 marked the two year anniversary of when ISIS beheaded twenty-one Egyptian Christians, documenting the killings on video, and posting it on various social media. Attacks on Christians have worsened since that time.

Egypt’s Christians are afraid.

See the videos at CheriBerens

Democrats dont get how to keep business in town!


Gov Brown of California and the Democrat legislators seem to have attended the same school of business that Obama and his team attended.

Many companies have folded or even left the country because of how hard it has been to do business in this country. Enter President Trump. He relaxes very hash regulations and many large corportions that were leavoing have decided to make investments to keep them here.

California legislators just dont seem to care and keep heading down the same BAD path.

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ALT-Right leader removed from CPAC?


Just when I was starting to believe that the Alt-Right was part of the Republican Conservative movement they throw out the leader.

Richard Spencer, a leader in the ethno-nationalist “alt-right” movement, was booted from the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Thursday.

“He’s not welcome here,” said Ian Walters, a spokesman for the American Conservative Union, which hosts the event.

Mr. Walters said he showed up Thursday morning and purchased a general admission ticket at the registration desk.

“He was here to try to send the message that he’s a part of what goes on here and the fact is that he isn’t,” he said.

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Obama is anti-Semitic! NOT Trump…

Iran Deal, Israel, Obama, Netanyahu
Iran Deal, Israel, Obama, Netanyahu

The hypocrisy of the left never ceases to amaze me.  They have been nit picking for anything to remove Donald Trump from the office and position he has rightfully earned.  All of a sudden now the liberals are concerned about “anti-Semitism”.

I already have written plenty of articles proving that President Trump is NOT anti-Semitic.  In fact he fought anti-Semitism before he got into politics.  Half of his family is Jewish, including his own daughter Ivanka and fought to make sure her conversion was legit even in Israel. Yeah, he really sounds anti-Semitic.

I know the phony news network CNN had debates over this issue. Well, not really debates, they don’t like the fact that conservatives use his daughter as a way to prove he is not anti-Semitic.  If you liberals don’t like it then stop using Steve Bannon as a reason that he is. And you can’t even prove Bannon is anti-Semitic.

During his campaign President Trump made it clear he condemns anti-Semitism.  Even disavowing the endorsement from former KKK leader David Duke.  He also met with the leader of the only Jewish country in the entire world, who is Jewish by the way, Prime Minister Netanyahu to strengthen ties.

Now where was the liberal outcry when America had an anti-Semitic President, under the name of Barack Hussein Obama?  Who, instead of traveling America after he got elected, went on a tour throughout the Arab world to welcome the Arab Spring. And now radical Islamic terror is at an all time high.

Anti-Semitism is also on the rise but not because of Donald Trump. It began to rise during Obama’s Presidency. Something also to keep in mind, with the American government under the Obama administration, two wars happened in Israel, both of which Hamas started. Wars where Obama constantly ordered Israel to show restraint, even while being under rocket fire.  Not only that, his agenda was clear. Wanting a two-state solution with a created Arab state to replace the Jewish state.  Let’s face it, that is what will happen if two-state becomes reality.  So who is really anti-Semitic?

I am more than willing to appear on CNN, Fox, MSNBC or any of the news networks to put an end to these lies about our President. For one last time… President Trump is NOT anti-Semitic!